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How to Treat Hair Loss in Men and Women

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It is a true fact that as people age; women will always have thicker hair than men. This is, however, not a reason for women to dismiss the fact that they too will eventually lose hair, especially those women who habitually use hair products to style their hair in many various hairstyles. Continuous use of these products will eventually cause them to lose hair. These products contain many chemical compounds that eventually kill their hair follicles to the point that they cannot produce hair any longer. For those women who love to use hair products; do not worry. There are a lot of effective treatments that you can use to strengthen your hair and even revitalize those dead hair follicles. These treatments have been used by millions of others who are experiencing hair loss due to their excessive use of hair products. Let us take a closer look at these treatments.

Hair loss for women

Hair loss is common in most women, especially those who are in their middle ages. Women of younger ages may also be affected by hair loss but the chances that they are affected are less. Genetic hair loss in women is caused by a product produced in the body called Dihydrotestosterone or DHT. This product affects hair follicles and causes them to shrink more and more with each grow cycle until the hair eventually becomes thin. This condition is known to affect the top of a woman’s scalp. Other conditions that influence hair loss are:

  • Telogen Effluvium- This is caused by a shock to a woman’s biological system, which can be brought about by an injury, accident, illness, or a stressful event such as family loss or relationship hardships.
  • Diffuse hair loss- This condition is caused by lack of certain nutrients or illness. Diffuse hair loss can be described by a thinning of hair all over a woman’s scalp.
  • Hair styles- Women have an array of different hairstyles that require them to wear ponytails or to braid their hair for long periods of time. These hairstyles stress the hair follicles as they are pulled from their root. When this is continuously repeated for long periods of time, the hair becomes weak and eventually falls off.
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How to Treat Hair Loss in Women

To treat unnecessary hair loss, there are many effective remedies that you can do to prevent this. There are millions of different products that revitalize and strengthen hair properly. You must be very careful at selecting which are good products and which are bogus or bad. In selecting a hair product, you should choose products that are approved by the FDA. The FDA is a government medical regulatory body that approves products by conducting a series of medical trials to prove that a product is safe. This is the only way that you, as a consumer, can be sure that the product is not harmful or will bring negative side effects after taking them. You can even visit your local dermatologist to consult which products are the best to use for treating hair loss.

Hair Loss for Men and Its Treatment

One of the most sensitive locker room topics for men to discuss is hair. This is a fact. Many men are in denial about their hair loss. Some do not even pay attention to the fact that they are losing hair as they grow older. It may be because they are still young or that they are oblivious to this. For those who are oblivious to this; it is of the outmost importance that you pay attention. You will eventually lose hair when you reach your late twenties and early thirties. You will start developing bald patterns on your head. You will also start developing nasty receding hairlines that will be unattractive especially when you try to date younger women. To avoid this, you will need to begin considering using hair treatment in the form of vitamins. Do not worry; it is not un-masculine if you do. If you feel un-masculine, you can always keep this as a secret. It is for your own good.

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Treatment Tips and Tricks for Men

Since many men start losing their hair as early as they are in their mid twenties to early thirties, it is important for you to know why and how you lose hair at such an early age. This is so that you are aware of how you can prevent yourself from losing hair earlier than you should be.

  • Hair loss is hereditary and genetic. If you have a family background of men who have gone bald at an early age, you are more likely to lose hair as well. This is inevitable, however, you can take preventive steps by cutting your hair as short as possible. This will allow you to apply hair vitamins that will revitalize dead hair follicles as well as to strengthen the remaining strands of hair so that hair fall is significantly halted.
  • A lot of men are unaware of the fact that using too much shampoo when taking a shower is wrong. Many experts agree that shampooing your hair every day can lead to early hair loss. It is okay that you shampoo every day but make sure that you apply a small amount of shampoo and make sure that your hair is wet when you do. The water will allow the shampoo to reach all of your strands properly. If you apply a lot of shampoo, the abundance of chemicals that reach your hair strands may not be good since it is too much.
  • Hair products are one of the biggest causes for hair loss. If you have sons or nephews who love using hair products and they are generally still young, you should put your foot down and inform them that many gels and molding mud products contain many harmful chemicals that weaken hair follicles and eventually kills them after a long time of use.
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It may be seen as “un-manly” but seeking a professional opinion from a dermatologist or hair expert will go a very long way in preventing hair loss. You do not have to tell the world and you can make this your personal secret.

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