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Incredible Beauty Uses for Curry Powder

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Rushing to some of the most popular cosmetic stores online and offline is not the only way for you to deal with a number of beauty issues faced by many women. Sometimes, all you have to do is step foot in your kitchen and head straight to where the spice rack is. Did you know that curry powder has many different surprising beauty uses?

If you are into cheap cosmetic solutions and also would like to know how you can take advantage of curry powder to look amazing, just continue reading. Afterwards, share this article on social media so that your beauty-conscious family and friends may know how curry powder can help them look and feel beautiful!

Before we check out the incredible beauty uses for curry powder, let us first get to know the reason behind the sheer effectiveness of this very common culinary spice as an all-natural and a versatile cosmetic solution.

Despite of what it’s called, did you know that curry powder is not actually dried and finely pulverized curry leaves? What it is really is a mixture of different types of herbs and spices that are ground. These spices that make up curry powder include black pepper, mustard, coriander, fenugreek, mustard, ginger, garlic cumin and turmeric. Some manufacturers of curry powder may cast aside some of the said ingredients, while others may add a few more.

As you can easily see, the various herbs and spices involved in the making of curry powder possess all sorts of benefits, and many of them pertain to the skin and hair. It’s exactly for this reason why curry powder can be used for an array of beauty uses, from clearing acne to stimulating hair growth.

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Here are some of the reasons why a beauty-conscious woman like you should have easy access to curry powder:

It Dries Up Pimples

A paste out of curry powder and a little water may be daubed on pimples the minute they show up. Doing this home remedy with the help of a very popular culinary spice helps speed up the healing process by zapping bacteria and reducing inflammation. Curry powder can also help get rid of pimple redness and discomfort.

It Controls Acne

Those who are prone to acne flare-ups can count on curry powder each and every time. A paste made from it can be applied on trouble spots to immediately relieve inflammation. Thanks to the antimicrobial action of curry powder paste, it’s possible to keep subsequent flare-ups to a minimum.

It Alleviates Psoriasis

Having psoriasis can definitely make you feel uncomfortable and less attractive because of the very noticeable skin lesions associated with it. Traditional healers recommend the topical application of curry powder paste on affected areas of the body to put psoriasis under control, particularly the lesions and itchiness it brings.

It Slows Down Skin Aging

Curry powder possesses antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It’s exactly for this reason why it can actually give some of the most expensive anti-aging creams, gels and serums on today’s market a run for their money. Curry powder can help delay skin aging by supplying the skin with antioxidants and also reducing oxidative stress.

It Removes Dark Eye Circles

Got unsightly dark circles under your eyes? Immediately make a paste out of curry powder and a little lemon juice to make such cosmetic problem go away in an instant. The combination of the two ingredients helps in tightening swollen blood vessels under your peepers and immediately just below the skin.

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It Thickens Your Mane

You may massage a mixture of curry powder and coconut oil on your scalp to stimulate hair growth. It’s the perfect solution for you if you’re a budget-conscious person who wants to enjoy a thicker mane. By the way, this home remedy involving curry powder may also be used for relieving dandruff and scalp itchiness naturally.

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