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Avoid These 10 Bad Habits That Affect Your Looks

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Do you know that some common things you do everyday greatly affect your looks? We tend to blame other things like our age, the lighting or maybe it just was not our day. But most often than not what might affect your looks are your bad habits.

Let’s check out some of these bad habits that we should all avoid.

1. Not Using Sunblock

Using sunscreen should be part of your daily routine as dry skin is prone to wrinkles. It is recommended that people regardless of skin type or what ethnic group you belong to should never go outside without sunscreen on.

2. Smoking

Smoking decreases the flow of blood to the skin which can have make you look older before your time.

3. Not Removing Your Makeup

Do you always forget to remove your makeup before going to bed? Then ditch this habit because not removing your makeup causes clogged pores. Let your skin breathe at night and remove your makeup before going to bed.

4. Alcohol

Excessive alcohol drinking is not good for your skin because it leaves you dehydrated. It also expand and enlarge the blood vessels in your skin which results in spidery veins in your cheeks and nose.

5. Using Dirty Makeup Applicators

Always make sure that your makeup accessories such as applicators, brushes and sponges are cleaned and washed. The dust and dead skin cells that accumulates in these accessories can build up and this is the reason for your skin infection, rashes and allergies.

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6. UV Rays

Its not just the sun that’s dangerous to your skin but the UV rays from those tanning beds and sunlamps can also cause dehydration, wrinkles and you can be expose to the dangers of cancer.

7. Biting Your Nails

Do you have this nasty habit of nail biting? Nail biting does not only affect your looks but your health as well. The bacteria that accumulates in your hands and fingers gets in your nails and into your mouth. For your looks? Who wants to have chewed nails?

To get you off this nasty habit, do some yoga, ask for professional help or coat your nails with some nasty looking polish to stop you from this nail biting habit.

8. Squeezing Pimples

When you pick and nit at your pimples you also spread the bacteria and you risk scarring your face permanently. Pimples fade on their own so you just have to leave them as is and just take care of your skin.

9. Crash Dieting

When you go on a crash diet it has a negative effect on your looks. Your metabolism slows down, you lose muscles and most importantly your body loses the minerals and vitamins that it needs.

Go for the healthy alternative instead, do some exercise, cardio and weight training to lose weight.

10. Sleep

You all know what lack of sleep does to your body and health. Without enough sleep your body increases its production of stress hormone which decrease the amount of collagen your skin receives.

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So be sure to develop those healthy habits that are beneficial to yourselves. Do you know of any bad habits that you can add to the list above? Share it with us!

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