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How to Improve Eyesight Naturally

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Poor eyesight affects millions of people all over the world due to genetics, habits, and diet. What’s more, people do not really care much for their eyes and only until it is too late do they start caring for their eyesight when signs and symptoms of deteriorating eyesight occurs. But is it too late for your eyes?

The good news is that there are ways that can help you improve your eyesight without really having to resort to surgery. As a matter of fact, these techniques can help relax the muscles around your eyes to help reduce eye strain that contributes to poor eyesight.

  1. Swinging. This exercise is actually good not only for your eyesight but for your entire body as it fights off stress and fatigue. Start by standing up straight with your eyes looking straight ahead. Rotate your upper body to the left as you move your weight to your left foot as you let your right heel go up. Make sure that your neck and shoulders remain straight. Swing to the opposite side to complete a 180 degree arc with your eyes. Make sure that you don’t focus on anything with your eyes but simply let them relax.
  2. Palming. For this exercise, you will need to be either lying down or sitting down with elbows propped on a cushioned surface. To start this exercise, close eyes and then cover them with your palms. Cross fingers from one hand over the other on your forehead. Avoid applying any pressure on your eyelids. The goal here is to experience that total blackness which is a good indication of complete relaxation. If there are any lights or colors bursting in your eyes, this means that you are putting strain in your eyes. What you should do instead is to think of a pleasant memory that can help make your mind feel at ease. This helps relieve tension on your neck and shoulders. The more times you repeat this exercise and the longer you do it can help relieve the tension around the eyes.
  3. Sunning. Even though there is no scientific proof that this exercise does help with one’s eyesight, there are those who will testify to the benefits of sunning especially by those whose eyes are oversensitive to the light. When sunning, make sure that your eyes remain closed. You can either stand or sit in the sunlight, letting your face relax, and allowing the sun’s rays to penetrate your eyelids. Move your head from side to side gently to minimize strain in your eyes.
  4. Blinking. Another eye exercise that you should do is blinking. Blinking helps relieve the tension in your eyes while at the same time lubricate your eyeballs to minimize the strain. Make sure that you do this naturally to train your eyes to relax.
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These are just a few exercises that are believed to help bring back better eyesight without having to use modern medicine. Making these exercises a habit will certainly help you maintain good eyes in the long run.

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