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Makeup Tips and Tricks for Teens

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Sooner or later your teenage daughter will be experimenting on makeup. Perhaps they have a prom to attend to or they just want to look pretty for a date with the family. Regardless of what your daughter’s reason may be for wanting to borrow your makeup, you might want to give her a few pointers so she can learn how to apply like a pro without looking so dolled up.

  1. Skin care before makeup. Not everyone realizes that skin care and wearing makeup go hand in hand. Since your child’s skin is still young and fresh, it might react to the chemicals that are present in your makeup. The best way to get your makeup session started is to have your daughter wash her face first using a gentle cleanser. Follow this up with a toner then moisturizing cream.
  2. Use concealers. If there are flaws on your skin like acne breakouts or blemishes, you can hide them using a concealer. This product is the best solution to present a smooth façade that will work perfectly with any makeup that you apply. Just apply a small amount on the problem areas before smoothing them out evenly.
  3. Skip the foundation. Your mother might be using a foundation for her face but you don’t have to as your skin is beautiful as it is because of your youth. Keep in mind that less is more especially at this age so stick with concealers. Applying foundation can be heavy at times and will make you look older. If you’re still interested in applying foundation, choose a color that is light, natural and close to the skin tone of your neck.
  4. Choose the right shades. When it comes to wearing makeup, choosing the right shade is important. Most likely you will feel a bit overwhelmed with the choices available but you can start by taking note of your skin tone. Experiment with different shades but make sure that you do this in the morning so you can see the best results using natural light. For parents, bring your teen to a makeup specialist so they can be given pointers on what kinds of colors or shades will work best for them.
  5. Stick with the essentials. For teens, it is best that you follow the five minute rule when it comes to applying makeup. If you are spending more than five minutes in your makeup, you’re applying too much already. The five minute rule should cover the basics like concealer, lipstick, lip gloss, eye makeup, and mascara or less. Be proud of your natural beauty.
  6. Lip gloss or lipstick. When it comes to the lips, your teens can wear lip gloss or lipstick depending on their preference. If they are after the more natural look the lip gloss will suit her just fine. Wearing lipstick is alright but it can be a bit heavy to look at and can even dry her lips. A nude or light lipstick will go well if your daughter is wearing shimmering makeup.
  7. Brush the blush. For teens, going for the natural look is considerably better compared to wearing heavy makeup as it can make you look older than your age. Adding some blush to your cheeks isn’t all that bad but go for the rosy or bronze tints. To apply a blush, smile at yourself in the mirror to find your cheekbones then apply the blush lightly. Brush some on your forehead, nose and chin too.
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These are just a few tips and tricks for teens when it comes to wearing makeup. Remember, less is more.

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