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The Different Types of Teas and their Advantages

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I stopped drinking coffee a long time back. It was I think when I got back from Italy, where I sampled the greatest coffee concoctions the world has ever tasted.

Everything about Italian coffee is special. How it smelled, how it tasted, how it was prepared, how it was presented, even how I would take to people I didn’t know in coffee shops. All of that made my experience drinking coffee in Italy unforgettable. Coming back to the US and purchasing coffee every day at local shops stopped satisfying me. It’s true that once you’ve tasted perfection, everything else loses its appeal. The sad part about it was, I was spending so much because of my dependency of caffeine.

But I did drink tea.

Every afternoon, I would drink tea and munch on dark chocolate. This was my afternoon habit for years. When I realized I no longer needed coffee to start my day, I started to discover that tea was much more beneficial for my general well-being. The caffeine hit it gave me was smoother and it didn’t cost as much as coffee.

People underestimate the value of choosing tea over any other caffeinated drink, including coffee. When I did it, my wages didn’t take that big a hit because I needed to taste what every coffee shop in the area offered. And I was more at ease.

Plus to drink tea made me more attune to my other hobbies which included meditating, doing yoga and going on adventures in nature.

I stopped rushing to places because of the hit coffee gave me. I stopped needing to talk to people to have hyper conversations early in the morning. I chose to live a steadier life sipping on tea.

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It took me some time to get into the habit of drinking tea, even if I knew we had a family history of breast cancer. So I chose tea over coffee and stuck with it. It was what I wanted as I discovered later on.

Tea is much more complicated that many consider it to be. When I learned about the kinds of tea and the health advantages that came along with it, I grew to develop a heightened awareness on flavor, scent, where the leaves come from, and food combinations.

Whenever you’re debating whether or not to try tea, here is a simple guide you refer to. Also included are the advantages that they offer.

1.Green —This isthe most well-known ofthe teas. Countless research mentions the health advantages brought about by antioxidants. It aids people who want to get slimmer. It helps fix issues with digestion. It’s effects are probably the most varied and the most abundant among all the leaves. There is also differences in its scents, from mild to strong. It can becombined with a lot of other elements to produce the tea that’s just right for you. It still has minute amounts of caffeine, but its prize are the antioxidants that fight cancer.

2.Oolong —This tea packs quite the punch and is a favorite among monks ofBuddhism. A fun fact: monks actually taught monkeys how to take the leaves from the tops of the trees. It has become part of Asian culture ever since. In its loose state, the tea isof outstanding quality with top caffeine content. It smells like orchids and flows smoothly down the throat. People sometimes call it the Black Dragon. Health advantages of this tea include the decrease in cholesterol, the enhancement ofthe skeletal system, the protection ofthe heart, and the fortification of the body’s immunity.

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3.White—These teas are not as famous as their green and black cousins butthey go through less processing and purer than all the teas inthe world. They have more antioxidants than other teas. Itis most known for stopping illnesses and bodily chaos. White tea can make skin healthier and provide itwith a radiant glow. It can make the skeletal system stronger. It can fight illnesses ofthe cardiovascular system. Indeed, itis one ofthe best things nature has given us.

4.Herbal —This kind of tea does away with caffeine. It combats infection. Itrelieves feelings of dizziness and problems with digestion, among other things. It can help people who have trouble sleeping. It has a very broad
range of advantages. There are a lot of wonderful herbal teas to choose from. Don’t go for the artificial ones though since they are made from lower quality leaves. When you drink it regularly, and by regularly, I mean a couple of cups a day, it can transform your body and your life.

5.Mate — These are the teas for those who have a hard time giving up coffee. It has that coffee flavor and it is comparable to green tea when it comes to the health advantages it offers. In fact, it has five times more antioxidants. It can clear your mind when you need to focus. It can freshen your breath. It can soothe a bum tummy. It can do so many things. Its health advantages have been well-known to those in South Africa and Europe, and recently the US. But if too much is consumed, it can also provide that high from caffeine, which isn’t at all good. It can help combat the effects of an allergy. And it can increase one’s metabolic rate.

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For each tea, there are several kinds and several flavors and several scents to experiment on and choose from.

I suggest that you walk on to your nearest tea leaf shop and go through the teas like you were to go through books in a library. It might even provide you that similar experience. New scents. So many choices. Tempting labels. Interesting histories. And lovely appearances.

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