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7 Amazing Beauty Benefits of Drinking Water

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You all know that drinking water is part of being healthy. But do you also know the effect it has on your hair and skin as well? Water considered to be the ultimate wonder liquid, also plays as an essential beauty product that gives you a radiant glow, that no amount of cosmetics can ever compete with.

Find out how drinking the right amount of water benefits your hair and skin.

1. Natural Hair Gel

A great natural styling gel than the other creams and wax available in the market, it helps you set your hair naturally without adding harmful chemicals. Water also helps in separating the hydrogen bonds of hair, making it easier to style when wet.

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2. Hair Protection

Our hair undergoes different styles and sometimes get exposed to different chemicals or heat. Sometimes we don’t intend to abuse it by brushing too much, washing it too frequently and some instances we tend to play with our hair that we didn’t realize we’re damaging it unintentionally.

The best remedy for stress-out hair is water. By drinking water it hydrates the hair cells and by washing it in cold water after shampooing it helps to close its cuticles, to avoid exposure in dust and other pollutants. Just like soaking in the pool with chlorine based water, it is best to wash the hair with pure water to avoid hair strand damage.

3. Keeps You Hydrated

Hydrate means the maintaining of water level in your molecules, thus making you looked fresh and moisturize. Due to our busy schedule, a lot of factors affects our skin, causing dryness. A few of these factors are the pollution around us, including the smoke from transportation vehicles, dirt in the street, grime and of course heat from the sun.

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Our cells has a high water-content because our body has 60 percent water. So every molecules in our body is composed of water. And as skin is the coating of our human body, its the first to be dehydrated when we lack water supply. Our hair also suffers the same fate, it loses its luster and shine.

4. Nerve Relaxers

Taking a cold shower helps in relieving stress and soothes the skin and hair. Another good treatment for eye puffiness because it relaxes the nerves. Water is also a good treatment for skin allergies, it prevents inflammation and skin itchiness.

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5. Young-looking Skin

As water is consider the main component of our body, if we take less water then we tend to increase dryness in our skin, resulting to wrinkles and fast aging. So make it a point to drink 8 glasses of water a day for enough supply of water throughout our body, as well as for our skin.

Drinking enough water regulates the flow of blood in our body, to our skin that helps hydrate its cells and help cells to regenerate faster to tighten our skin, making it toned, firm and flexible.

6. Clear Skin

Water cleanses our body, flushes all the unwanted toxins in our system, cools down or regulate our body temperature, making us feel refreshed. Water washes up every dirt that clogs our skin pores. It renews all our skin cells thus maintaining a blemish-free skin.

7. Keep Hair Shiny

Water helps our hair to stay hydrated and shinier. It also moisturizes and help avoid frizzy hair. It is also considered to be a natural treatment compared to other hair products that are sometimes harmful to our hair after prolonged use.

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