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Nail Polish Tricks You Never Knew

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Nails, we love them, need them and can’t live without them. We use our nails for scratching ourselves, tearing up paper and for decorating. Painting our nails is a form of expression, an art some people would say. An art it is, creating something beautiful in such a small canvas is difficult. People can create 3D art, paintings, applying tiny gems and jewels and more with nails. Yet, to some people apply basic nail polish can be a complete struggle. Painting our nails is difficult, especially painting with our non-dominant hand. Not only that, but we have to choose the types of nail polish to use and how to avoid common nail polish mistakes. Smudging of the nail polish, applying too much and nail polish that has clumps are some common nail polish problems. Thankfully, through years of experience, a lot of people are devised trick to fix these problems. You may know the common nail polish tricks, but here are some tips and hacks that you may never know was possible. Beside nail polish hack for the nails here are also some nail polish tricks you can use for every day.

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Petroleum Jelly

Applying petroleum jelly along your cuticle will help the skin smooth and prevent those dry skin near your nails. Petroleum jelly is also great when applying nail polish. Apply a good amount around the nails and paint your heart away. The petroleum will prevent the nail polish from adhering to the skin. Just remove the petroleum jelly with tissue after. You’ll have clean hands and perfect nail polish even when applying with your non dominant hand.

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Apply a good layer of glue on clean nails. Wait for the glue to completely dry before applying nail polish. The glue will help protect the nail from the chemicals in the nail polish. This will also prevent the nails from chipping, the glue will create a layer for the nail polish making it easy to tear off and be replaced with a new nail polish without using any remover.

Ice Water

Before painting your nails take ice cold water and place it in a bowl. Paint your nails and after directly soak it in the bowl. The polish will dry up faster and prevent ruining or smudging the polish off.

Hot Water

Sometimes nail polish bottles have lids that suddenly won’t open. This is mostly caused by pressure or dried nail polish. You can loosen up the lid by soaking the whole bottle in hot water. Leave it on for a few minutes and try to open it. If it still won’t budge, give it more time to soak.

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We’ve all experienced smudging newly applied nail polish right? A weird way to fix this nail polish dilemma is to press the semi-dried polish with your tongue. This may sound gross to some, but your tongue unlike your hands have a soft texture. This won’t create a dent in the nail polish or create unwanted marks.

White Base Color

Have you ever both a nail polish that instantly disappointed you as soon as you apply it on your nails? Nail polish like most colors when combined or applied on a colored surface will have a different shade. You can prevent this and get the right color every time by applying a white base color before the actual nail polish color. You’ll see the result immediately and see how much the color pops.

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Glitter nail polish is hard to remove and would take you a few cotton balls to completely remove. Save yourself the effort by taking some cotton balls and soaking them in nail polish remover. Take the cotton balls and place it on top of your fingernails and wrap it in foil. Leave it on for a few minutes, remove the foil and your stubborn nail polish will be gone with one swipe.

Roll the Bottle

We’ve seen professionals do this, they take out your choice of nail polish bottle and roll the bottle between their hands before opening it. Why do they do this? Well, rolling the bottle will help spread the contents of the nail polish and mix it together. Mixing it this way is better than shaking the bottle, the shaking motion can create bubbles in the polish.

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These easy tricks can help get rid of those troublesome nail polish problems. This can also help with everyday problem. This nail polish trick will help the whole process of nail painting a whole lot easier. Share with us if you know other uncommon nail polish trick.

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