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3 Hairstyles For Long Straight Hair

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They say that our hair is our crowning glory. Long hairs are a great accessory to the face, it can be styled in different ways. It can be voluminous, curly, silky straight, textured and more. You can even do hair up styles without using hair extensions. Waiting for your hair to grow takes a lot of patients, if you’ve managed to have the patience to not cut your hair for months to get to your ideal length, good for you. Your hair can be used to help frame the face or even make you appear taller.

Long hair is harder to maintain than short ones. It is more prone to damage and breaking. Always remember to keep your hair maintained to keep your long straight hair smooth and silky.

Here are some great, easy to do hairstyle for long straight hair for any occasions.

Sleek Ponytail

3 Hairstyles For Long Straight HairThe classic sleek ponytail looks amazing with long straight hair. It can be a low pony, mid pony or high ponytail. It can look professional, flirty and glamorous. The look of long straight hair swaying from side to side in a ponytail always looks exquisite.

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You can achieve a smooth and sleek finish by using a smoothing brush instead of a regular brush to gather the hair into a pony tail. When you get the desired look for your ponytail apply a good amount of Hairspray and smooth it out again with your brush. This will prevent your tiny hairs from sticking out. Instead of using your traditional pony tail, take two Bobby pins and a rubber band. Clip the Bobby pins to the rubber band. Hold your ponytail tight, and take one of the pins and slightly open it with your finger. Stick it in your pony facing down. Now, take the other pin and use this to wrap the rubber band tightly around your hair. Secure the style by pinning the other Bobby pin in the same manner as you did with the first one. You can hide the rubber band with a strand of hair, just wrap a small section of hair and secure it again with another Bobby pin.

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3 Hairstyles For Long Straight HairLong straight hairs are perfect for braiding hairstyles. The braids are more visible and are more accessible to different braiding techniques. You don’t have to curl your hair to add texture to braids, all you have to do is pull some hairs from the braids to make it appear thicker.

Get the perfect textured fishtail braid by using these steps. Comb your hair from ends to roots, make sure that there are no tangles. Start by sectioning your hair into a half pony, take this section and create to section. Overlap these sections and start fishtailing braiding the hair as you add in more sections. Once your braid reaches the back of your neck. Take a rat tail comb or a Bobby pin and insert it on the hair in your apex area. Push the hair upward, this will create more volume on the top of your head and make the hairstyle appear more relaxed. You can do this on small sections of braids that are against your head. Pull out some hair on each side of the loose braid. Continue braiding until you reach the end, before tying it off pull on some more hair to create texture. If you got your desired style tie it off.

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The Slick Back Look

3 Hairstyles For Long Straight HairWe’ve been seeing this slick back look all over the red carpet and fashion shows. This hairstyle looks amazing! It creates a rocker chic vibe, but can also make you look and feel like a goddess.

Simple, slick your hair back and keep all the hair away from your face and let it flow in your back. This all the top section of your hair and smooth it and slick it back. Apply hair spray and smoothing it out again. You can pin your hair on your sides or leave it as is.

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Embrace your beautiful long hair and keep it up to date with different cuts and color. Make sure to maintain your hair healthy by trimming your hair at least twice a month. Apply a hot oil or deep conditioners at least once a week on the ends of the hair. Since your hair is long the ends of your hair gets least of the nutrition, making it prone to dryness and split ends. Another tip for long hair it to comb the hair from ends to roots before blow drying. This will keep your hair straight without using any product.

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