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Getting Rid of the Belly Bulge after Getting C-Section

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There are some pregnant women who undergo C-section during birthing to help deliver the baby. The muscles in the stomach are cut open to remove the baby before being sewn back up. There are some women who develop some extra layers of fat in this area afterwards which can be hard to remove. Fortunately, there is no need to despair about this because there are ways to help regain that flat and firm midsection by focusing on toning and tightening this part of your body.

For those who want to remove those extra layers of fat from their midsection, here are a few steps to follow.

  1. Consult with your specialist. It is important that you get your doctor’s go signal before attempting any core workout because your muscles need time to heal after the operation. Most of the time, your midsection needs at least six weeks for the wounds to heal and it will be up to your doctor’s discretion whether you can start your belly toning.
  2. Basic crunches. If you’ve been given the go signal by your doctor, one workout to try is the crunch. This is actually a basic workout for the midsection and is a good starting point if you’re trying to lose that bulge. Start by lying on the floor or on your mat with your knees bent and hands covering your ears. Your elbows should be positioned toward your toes. On exhale, lift head and shoulders off the floor but make sure that your back below your shoulder blades remain on the floor. Hold this pose for a few seconds before going back to first position. Repeat as many times as you can.
  3. Do reverse crunches. Again, lie down on the floor or mat with your legs raised until your shins are parallel to the floor and your thighs are perpendicular to it. Cover ears with hands with elbows pointing outwards. Lift hips a few inches off the floor by curling as you exhale. Hold this pose for a few seconds then go back to first position. Do 8 to 10 reps to complete one set.
  4. Perform crunches every other day. It’s a good idea to do basic crunch and reverse crunch alternating days to really tone and tighten your belly. Start by doing a single set for each workout then work your way to two sets and so on when you feel that your abdominal muscles can handle the workout.
  5. Do aerobic workouts. Aside from crunches, doing aerobic workouts such as biking or walking can also help with eliminating that belly bulge you are sporting. As you move forward with your training, you can also integrate other workout programs such as resistance training and strength training to boost your metabolism.
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There is no need to rush things when you’ve just given birth. Giving your body time to heal is important before you start working out especially when your goal is to remove that belly bulge. It’s much better to pace yourself than work yourself out too much that can do you more harm than good.

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