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Makeup Tips for Women with Freckles

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Women with freckles tend to have a love-hate relationship with them especially when it comes to wearing makeup. Covering them up with foundation may sound like a good idea but sometimes, those freckles appear strange with their color. Although skipping the foundation and just going barefaced may be the first thing that pops in your head, there are some tips and tricks that you can do to flaunt this asset of yours rather than hide them completely.

If you want to show off your freckles the right way, try these suggestions out.

Switch to a lighter foundation.

When it comes to freckles, it is best that you go for the lightweight foundations like BB creams or choose those with some tint to it. If your foundation is too opaque, it will make your freckles look muddy which can be more prominent than before. Tinted moisturizers work too in lessening the appearance of freckles on your face so it is worth a shot.

Apply concealer properly.

Concealers are heaven sent, for sure, when you are trying to hide some blemishes on your skin but swiping them on your skin to cover your freckles isn’t exactly recommended. You might end up missing a patch of freckles which can look strange for other people. Concealing blemishes properly is always the right approach. For example, if you see some blemish on your chin, just apply the concealer on that particular area only and not the entire chin. It’s all a matter of learning the right way to use concealers that will make or break your look.

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Brow pencils can elevate your freckles.

Mid-winter might make your freckles fade a bit so if you want to enhance their look, you can use your brow pencil to give them depth. The best part is that they won’t look unnatural because the pencil that you are using is close to your skin tone.

Red is going to be your best friend.

Especially when it comes to your lips. Since you don’t want your freckles to be the center of attraction or applying too much makeup to conceal them, focus more on making your eyes and lips pop. Go for red lipstick to add boldness to your overall look and no one will even mention your freckles at all.

Apply lip liner first.

For those whose freckles appear close to the lips, the best tip to use is to apply a lip liner first before lipstick. Just make sure that you choose a lip liner that is close the natural shade of your lips so that it won’t be too obvious. Apply lipstick within the area of your lip liner.

Bronzers can help.

Congratulations for having that sunkissed skin so why not up the ante by using a bronzer? Don’t forget that less is always more so rather than bombard your skin with bronzer, just draw the number 3 lightly on either side of your face using the right brush for your bronzer. Start from your hairline to your cheeks then to your jawline. This will complement your skin and your freckles further.

Find the right foundation color using your neck.

It’s always difficult to right shade for your foundation but add the freckles into the equation and things are going to be trickier than ever. The best approach here would be to look at the color of your face and neck below your freckles. This way, you will be able to choose the right shade without making the mistake of making your freckles appear too muddy when you put the foundation on.

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