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How to Rid Yourself of Dark Under-Eye Circles—for Good

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Life is never perfect, and yes, it’s okay to complain—just a bit, especially when it involves a totally annoying beauty concern. Dark under eye circles are officially the worst—well, aside from acne, or
ingrown hairs, or nice long eyelashes that fall out for no apparent good reason at all. Think about it, dark circles can make you look worn-out and tired, even if you’re really not. And sometimes, on really bad days, it can make you even look sick. You can attempt to cover them up, bit their presence can really be infuriating.

If you’re suffering from this dilemma, clearly you’re not the only one. So to alleviate whatever frustrations you may be feeling towards those nasty half-moons that plague so many women in the world, read on to know how you can help banish them for good.

The causes of dark under eye circles

It’s really not just about sleeping too late at nights. Dermatologists have pointed out that there are several factors that may contribute to the development of dark under eye circles which include stress, aging, skin tone, skin thickness and even diet. While those with white to fair complexions may make these dark circles appear more prominent or noticeable, they can also affect those who have dark skin. As people age, the skin under the eye area becomes thinner making the larger bluish-colored veins in it look more visible. This contributes to you having dark circles. If you are prone to rubbing your eyes either due to habit or allergens, you could also have dark under eye circles as an effect. Chronic rubbing can increase the production of the melanin pigment in that particular area, especially in people with dark-colored skin.

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Living in poor diet can be a factor in having dark circles. Consumption of unhealthy and processed foods can damage your cells and promote skin discoloration. The cells in your body whether epidermal, dermal, red cells or vessels—they all reflect what you eat. A diet composed of too many processed foods tends to lead to a lot more of polyunsaturated fatty acids that can settle in the lipids of the cells’ membranes. Oxidation of these lipids can then contribute to the development of those bluish circles around your eyes.

So, what do you need to do to avoid this?

Yes, you’re right—eat a whole lot more of veggies and fruits and strive to get at least 7-8 hours of fruitful sleep each night. Also, make sure not to forego your sunscreen every day even when you are just indoors. You may not be able to change your genetic
makeup, but remember that visible light—even those that are emitted in low doses by your usage of mobile phones, computers and indoor light use can produce skin photo-reactivity over time. Apply SPF under your eye area daily and use a moisturizer at

How can you fight chronic dark under eye shadows?

Still plagued with dark eye bags even if you have already taken the above suggestions at heart? Well, apart from suggesting the use of the gentlest of products, one thing you may try is the use of fillers. This is a kind of injection that should be done by a licensed dermatologist. Doing so can make your lower lid area look super, well, almost immediately.

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Is there a quick fix for dark under eye circles?

Yes, absolutely! With some simple eye makeup tricks, you can fully cover up those dark eye circles. Just remember though, that when applying makeup, less is more; you don’t want your concealer to crack and flake later on, making it look cakey and heavy. To conceal like a pro, consider the following tips:

1. Cleanse, tone and get your face moisturized.
2. Apply your foundation and eye makeup.
3. Check for your darkly-pigmented areas; it’s usually a semi-circle of skin between your orbital bone and the lower lash line. Gently dot the concealer evenly into the darkened skin.
4. Bend the edges into your foundation and eye makeup whilst continuing with your final makeup touches: lips, cheeks, etc.
5. Put some highlighters on your cheekbones and nose bridge to draw attention away from your dark circles.
6.Use a bit of translucent powder to set everything up.

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