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Tips for Fair Skin

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Having a flawless and fair complexion is a common dream by any gender. There are many man-made skin lightening and fairness creams that can help improve the complexion. However, like most every product in the market. It will take a lot of patience and hard work to achieve the fair complexion you wish for.

Our skin naturally produces melanin to protect our cells. Changing the amount of melanin present in the skin can be difficult, but you can always alter the amount of melanin that is caused by pigmentation, sun tans, over exposure, neglect and stress. The best way to get that fair skin you’ve always dreamed off is through a proper skin care regime that can help give you that fair skin you’ve always wanted. Below are some tips to help give you that fair skin.

Fair Skin Tips:

• When trying to achieve fair skin, it’s important to follow the CTM 0r cleansing, toning and moisturizing your skin care routine every day. Following the CTM routine twice a day can reduce the appearance of blemishes, dark pigmentation and build-up. When you have dry skin, you can skip toning. It’s important to keep your skin moisturized. So, make sure that it is always hydrated. Skin that lacks moisture are more prone to pigmentation and damage.

• Exfoliate your skin at least three times a week and exfoliate your face twice a week. This will help remove the build-up in the pores. This will also remove dead skin cells, this will reduce the dark and flaky appearance on the skin.

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• Always wear sunscreen! We can’t stress this enough. Apply sunscreen twenty minutes before stepping out from your home. It takes twenty minutes for the skin to fully absorb the sunscreen, a good sunscreen must contain at most SPF 40. This will help prevent unwanted tans, skin damage and reduce pigmentation. SPF 40 is perfect for climates that are incredibly polluted and hot.

• Drink the required amount of water to help keep your skin and body fully hydrated. Like your skin, your body needs moisture to look dashing and glowing. Drink 8 glasses of water a day to keep your body and your skin from your scalp to your toes well hydrated.

• Sleeping and adequate amounts of rest is important to keep or make the skin fair. A good night’s rest can help give your glowing and healthy skin. A little rest and relaxation can also help with cell rejuvenation and proper circulation on the skin.

• Face Pack! Make it a habit to use face packs. Trust us when we say that it those work. Find the right skin pack for your skin (there are face packs, especially made to help give a fair complexion). Use one when you get a chance to nap or when in a sedentary position for a long time to use a face mask. This will help keep your face moisturized and help reduce build-up

• Natural scrubs and face packs can do wonders for young and fair complexion. Mix and match skin lightening and brightening ingredients to get the most effective mask. Perform this at least twice a week to get faster results.

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• Lemon juice is great for making the skin fair. The natural bleaching agent of lemons can help remove unwanted tan, reduce the appearance of skin pigmentation, exfoliate the skin and lighten the skin. Apply lemon juice on the area you wish to lighten or all over the body. Do this every day to see visible effects in under a month.

• Milk is a well-known ingredient for fairness creams, lotions and soaps. You can give your skin the needed moisturizing and skin fairing treatment it deserves. Mix one teaspoon of honey with a teaspoon of milk and apply on the face. Leave the face mask on for 15 minutes and rinse off.

Most cosmetic products such as tinted lotions, moisturizers, BB cream and CC cream claim to give instant fairness. However, all of these products can only lighten your skin for a short period of time. Fair skin cannot be attained overnight or with just a week of product use. Whitening product should be used for over two months to show its full effect. When planning to achieve fair skin, always keep in mind these famous fair skin tips.

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