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8 Hair Care Tips for Color Treated Hair

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Changing your hair color is one way of giving your current look an update without having to go and get a drastic haircut. Getting your hair cut short requires a lot of thinking and commitment too that you are ready to part with your long locks. Compared to hair color, you can always change it if you don’t think that the color you chose is appropriate for you. However, you need to keep in mind that dyeing your hair has its own drawbacks such as your hair becoming brittle and dry when you constantly dye it. Well, if you do plan on changing your hair color, these eight hair care tips will keep the color longer and your hair soft, smooth, and healthy too.

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Prepare your hair

If you are planning on getting your hair colored, make sure that you prepare your hair a few months prior to your appointment. This means that you will need to focus more on hydrating and nourishing your scalp and your hair as the chemicals from the hair dye can dry your hair up. Use hair masks and oils regularly to ensure that your hair remains strong and healthy. As much as possible, avoid using heating tools.

Use the right hair products

When your hair is color treated, regular shampoos and conditioners won’t do. You will need to choose hair products that are specifically designed for colored hair because they have extra ingredients that nourish and strengthen the hair and scalp.

Don’t shampoo immediately

First timers often shampoo their hair after they dye their hair which is not really recommended as the dye hasn’t had the chance to settle in your hair strands yet. The best thing to do after you dye your hair is to wait for a few days before shampooing your hair. Not only will this minimize the dye from bleeding but your scalp will be producing oils that will act as protection for the hair and the color too.

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Use cold water for rinsing

Another tip that you should follow when you have color treated hair is to use cold water for rinsing. Yes, taking a hot shower after a long day can help you relax but it doesn’t do your hair any good. The hot temperature can actually strip the oils from your hair and scalp causing them to become dry and dull.

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Trimming your hair keeps the damage at bay especially when you had your hair dyed. If you are going to extreme coloring, there will be a significant damage to your hair which often happens at the ends. Make sure that you are ready to chop off a considerable amount if you want to preserve the rest of your hair.

Leave in conditioners can help

Since your hair is dry because of the chemicals on your hair dye, it is important to increase your conditioning as much as possible. Aside from the conditioners that you use when you take a bath, apply leave in conditioners too especially on no-wash days. This will help add moisture to your hair so that there will be less drying.

Don’t wash too often

It is understandable that you would like to wash your hair every day especially when you have oily hair. Unfortunately, this can also make your dry hair worse. Washing your hair every day with shampoo can strip the natural oils from your hair and scalp which can lead to further drying.

Deep condition at least once a month

You will need to deep condition your hair once a month or twice a month depending on how much damage your hair has received when you dyed it. Since dyeing your hair can leave it dry, you will need to bring back more of its moisture as much as possible which deep conditioning treatments can do for you.

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