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Home Remedies for Pus Under a Fingernail

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A break in the tissue next to or beneath the nail can become infected by bacteria, and this can cause pus to collect under the affected fingernail. This kind of problem is something that you can see and feel — there is a greenish or yellowish discoloration under the nail, and it also feels painful and tender most especially when touched.

Usually, the body is capable enough to deal with a minor infection. So in other words, the presence of pus under a nail is something that your own immune system can contain without outward assistance.

Seeing a doctor, however, is recommended if the infection involving a fingernail is the severe kind. You can tell that it’s a serious one if it causes you so much pain, and the area looks really swollen and filled with pus. Certainly, a severely infected nail can keep you from carrying out everyday tasks, like washing the dishes or typing on a keyboard.

If you’re quite sure that the problem is nothing too serious because of the well-tolerable signs and symptoms, then read on. Here are some of the best home remedies for having pus under a fingernail:

Regular Warm Water Soaks

Twice or thrice a day, you should soak the affected fingernail in warm water. Doing this will help improve circulation of blood to the area, resulting in a much faster healing — it supplies oxygen and nutrients, and at the same time speed up the removal of toxins and dead cells in the area.

In order to boost the benefits offered by warm water soaks, it’s a good idea to dissolve a teaspoon of salt in it. That’s because salt possesses antiseptic properties, thus it can help in managing that fingernail infection.

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Plain Yogurt Application

Did you know that you may use good bacteria for winning the war against those infection-causing bad bacteria? All you have to do is apply yogurt generously on the problem area — see to it that it comes into contact with the break in the skin or the red and swollen part. Leave it there for several minutes to give the good bacteria in yogurt plenty of time to do their job. By the way, go for plain yogurt because flavored ones will only feed those bad bacteria!

Other than daubing yogurt on the infected fingernail, you may also consume this healthy treat on a regular basis to help put the infection under control from within.

Consume Immune-Boosters

It’s not just yogurt that you should consume when you have pus under a fingernail, but many other foods that are known to help strengthen your immune system and fight off an infection.

Certainly, you should regularly eat generous servings of citrus and tropical fruits like oranges, papayas and kiwis, as well as green leafy vegetables like kale, cabbage, spinach and Brussels sprouts. It’s also a wonderful idea for you to add more protein to your diet because it’s something that can help your body to heal itself.

Use Natural Antibiotics

While you may purchase a tube of skin antibiotic at the nearest pharmacy, you may also simply rely on some all-natural alternatives to such, many of which are proven to kill off infection-causing microbes. One really good example is coconut oil. Another one is mustard oil. Aloe vera gel is also perfect for the job.

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Many people swear by the effectiveness of tea tree oil in dealing with an infection of the nail or any other part of the body. But prior to application, tea tree oil must be diluted with water or carrier oil.

All of these should help make pus under your fingernail go away in no time. But if the problem persists or seems to worsen, make sure that you get it seen by a doctor as soon as possible.

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