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Natural Remedies for Fibrocystic Breast

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Although it may sound like it’s a very serious condition, fibrocystic breast actually won’t put your life in danger. However, it sure is no picnic — fibrocystic breast can being a lot of pain or discomfort.

Just like what the way it’s called suggests, fibrocystic breast involves the presence of lumps in the breast. When self-examining your breast, you may feel growths that are bumpy and irregularly shaped. Unlike growths associated with breast cancer, the ones related to fibrocystic breasts feel tender and move freely.

Aside from the presence of lumps, it’s not unlikely for your nipples to feel itchy. There may be discharge present, too. Doing certain arm movements may also cause pain or discomfort.

Fibrocystic breast is something that is actually a very common issue, with about more than 60 percent of women experiencing it. The condition can affect women of all ages provided that they are in their reproductive years, although it is said to affect more those who are between 30 and 50 years of age.

Medical professionals say that fibrocystic breast is most likely due to hormonal changes. This is the reason why you may encounter it about a week or two before you have your period.

It’s true that any lump that you feel in your breast should be seen by a doctor. But if the problem is just fibrocystic breast, as confirmed by a specialist, there is no need to panic. That’s because it’s something that will improve at the end of your period. There are also some home remedies available for it, and some of them are:

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Cold Compress

Applying cold to tender or painful areas of the breast can bring about much-needed relief. What you need to do each time the lumps in your breast are giving you a difficult time is place some ice cubes in a plastic bag, wrap it in a small towel, and gently apply on problem areas for several minutes.

Massage Castor Oil

Grabbing a bottle of castor oil and massaging a little of it on areas of the breast that feel tender is an excellent way to deal with fibrocystic breast naturally. A lot of women who are bugged by the said problem swear that they achieve better results by warming castor oil in the microwave. Before applying, ensure that it’s not scorching!

Eat Oily Fish

Omega-3 fatty acids present most especially in oily fish can help deal with inflammation, and that’s why they are highly beneficial for women who are experiencing fibrocystic breast. What’s more, fish contains iodine. This mineral is necessitated by your thyroid gland, which is sometimes to blame for fibrocystic breast.

Have Natural Diuretics

Flushing out excess water in the body can actually help you experience relief from the discomfort that fibrocystic breast brings. This does not mean that you should pop water pills in your mouth. The safest way to do this is by consuming certain veggies with diuretic properties, like cabbage, cucumber and parsley.

Avoid Certain Drinks

During a bout of fibrocystic breast, it’s a good idea for you to momentarily stay away from the likes of coffee, tea, soda, energy drinks, beer and wine. That’s because all of them can increase your stress hormones, causing the levels of hormones in your body to become even more imbalanced.

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Exercise and Meditate

Having your regular dose of mild- to moderate-intensity exercise can help ease the signs and symptoms of fibrocystic breast because it helps reduce stress as well as regulate the levels of hormones. Similarly, you should also meditate or engage in other stress-busting activities in order for you to attain relief from the problem.

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