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Know These Bad Habits to Avoid That Make Your Breasts Sag

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We all know that breast sagging is part of the aging process. Tissues in you body breaks down as we aged because they are made up of elastin and collagen. Also as women go through menopause, dense glandular tissue is replaced by fat that’s more prone to drooping.

But sometimes sagging of breasts happen at an early age. There are ways you can prevent this from happening. Let’s start by identifying some bad habits you have to avoid. Scroll down below to find out.

1. You don’t drink adequate amount of water

You all know what dehydration can do to your skin. Not drinking the right amount of water can make your skin dry, rough and appear shrunken and this does not apply to your face only.

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2. Your cycle of gaining and losing weight

If you lose weight your breasts sagged because they are made up of mostly fats. You should try to maintain a steady weight as gaining and losing weight can cause sagging breasts. Maintain your weight by eating a well balanced diet and doing regular exercises.

3. Smoking

Studies show that smoking causes the skin to break down elastin which is important to give your skin that youthful appearance.

4. Sun tanning

Soaking up in the sun can cause sagging and premature aging. To avoid this, make sure to apply sunscreen all over your body especially to skin that will be exposed to the sun.

5. Wrong Posture

Always pay attention to your posture because a good posture will lift your breasts up. For good posture, if you are sitting down make sure your back is straighten up, your shoulders are back and head is lifted.

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If you want to improve your posture you can strengthen your abs, back and core muscles.

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