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Tips on How to Manage Oily and Greasy Hair

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Are you one of those unfortunate people who deals with oily and greasy hair all the time? You probably felt exasperated when dealing with greasy hair that seems to plaster itself all over your face, not to mention the acne breakout that seems to come with all the excess oil coming from our hair and scalp. This is understandable as seeing your hair looking slick is not really winning you any points in the confidence department. Is there any way to remedy this problem?

Apply baby powder

Dealing with oily hair can be a bummer, but if you want to reduce the oil on your hair and scalp, why not take out your baby powder and apply some on the roots of your hair before rubbing it in. Baby powder may leave a white cast on your dark hair, but this can be remedied if you choose to use bronzer on your hair instead. If not, mix some cocoa with baby powder before applying on your hair. 

Keep hands away from your hair

Most of us have the tendency to run our fingers through our hair. And although this helps you style your hair whichever way you like, you are actually making your greasy hair look worse. The problem with this habit of yours is that you are transferring whatever it is in your hands to your hair which can clog the pores there. This can trigger more oil being produced. What’s more, this can bring the oil all the way down to the edges of your hair which can weigh it down.

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Avoid washing daily

There is a common misconception that we need to wash our hair every day. Most of us feel like washing our hair is only logical especially when we are constantly exposed to the elements. However, washing your hair frequently is causing the natural oils from your hair and scalp to be stripped. This prompts your scalp to produce more oils keep your hair strands nourished.

Dry shampoo

If you aren’t going to wash your hair daily, how will you be able to maintain the blowout of your hair? This is where dry shampoo comes in. All that you have to do is to sprinkle some dry shampoo on your hair and scalp and it will automatically absorb all the oil and grease present. You can find dry shampoo in your local grocery to help reduce the amount of oil and grease on your hair.

Learn to balance brushing

Finding the right amount of brushing for your hair means one thing, and that it is having beautiful and shiny hair. Unfortunately, many of us don’t really brush our hair that much which is why we end up with all these oils stocked up on our scalp. On the other hand, brushing your hair frequently will cause the oil glands in your scalp to produce some more. If you want to avoid having greasy hair, you will need to find the right amount of brushing to do to your hair.

Use cool water for rinsing

Taking a hot shower is all well and good, but the high temperature of the water can strip your hair and scalp of their natural oils. When this happens, your oil production ability will go into overdrive just to compensate with the lost of oils on your hair. What’s the best thing to do then? Well, use cool water for your final rinse, that’s what. Rinsing with cool water helps close your hair cuticle which, in turn, can protect your hair against further damage.

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