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Stunning Toe Nail Art Designs to Try

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Most of us focus on the nails on our hands when it comes to nail art but did you know that you can make your toenails dazzle too? There is simply no reason for you to forego adding nail art to your toenails because they too need some love and care from you. Plus, there are quite a lot of pretty designs to try out. Who knows? You might be wearing open toed shoes or sandals any time soon and these nail art will definitely catch the eyes.

Go Floral. Planning on hitting the beach? Show some love for the summer blooms by sporting flowers on your toenails. Paint your nails in pink or your choice of base nail polish then, once they dry, draw some flowers on each toenail carefully using white nail polish. Allow to dry before finishing it off with top coat. Now you’re ready to show off your feet just in time for the beach.

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Get Stoned. Adding sparkly jewels on your toes is not really a bad idea because they will make your feet look dainty and elegant too. The secret to pulling this off is to not overdo your bling as subtle hints of sparkle can go a long way. You can paint your toenails with your choice of solid color and once it has dried, design your big toe with some bling and you’re done.

Sophisticated toes. Show off your girly side by painting your toenails in soft pink leaving the big toe for something spectacular. For the big toes, use white as your base coat and, once it has dried, paint a pink heart to one side of the nails. Use black to create swirls too to add a bit of art to your nails. Allow to dry before applying top coat to seal in the colors.

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Patterns. It’s not just your hands can do the talking with their nail art as you can make a good impression with some proper patterned nail art on your toes. If you want to make your toes stand out, try adding polka dots to them with the big toes sporting a drawing of your favorite animal. Cute prints like these are fun and quite trendy especially during the summer.

Be Exceptional. French tips are classic for sure but if you want something that will stand out not just on your hands but on your toenails as well, adding a floral design on top of your french tip will definitely give your feet that extra charm. Salmon pink is a good base polish for this nail art. Don’t forget to color the entire big toenail with this shade and for the rest, do a french tip. On your big toes, draw a flower in one corner of the nail and do add a jewel on the center of the flower to complete the look. Don’t forget the top coat to seal in the design.

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Flawless Nail Art. You don’t really have to go all out in nail art when it comes to your toenails because even the simplest look done right will leave a good impression. Creating a flawless look isn’t that hard to achieve. You can use pink, silver, and periwinkle to create an alternating french tip for your toe nails. Use the silver at the ends of your french tip to give your nails that extra oomph and don’t forget to alternate periwinkle and pink for your nails. 

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These are just a few examples of nail art designs that are worth trying out for your toes. For sure, once you see the results, you will be wearing open toe shoes and sandals just to show them off.


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