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Beauty Items You Need in Your Car

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Having your essential makeup and beauty product in your car is a great tip for both men and women. Doing your makeup in the car is not such a bad idea. Sunlight creates a much better lighting than the ones you have in your house. It is much honest and you can easily see patchy or uneven makeup. Another great thing to having your beauty items in your car is that you are always ready. Suddenly have a meeting with your girlfriend; sprays some cologne and deodorant. Late for work? Do you do your makeup in the car before going to work? Having these beauty items in your car can save you from a lot of beauty blunders. We’ve created a simple list of beauty items you need in your car. Here they are below.

Facial Wipes

Have you ever experienced getting in your car after a tiring day and feel that your face seems heavy or sticky? Or have you accidentally rub your eye completely forgetting you were wearing mascara and eyeliner? These are just a few reasons why you should always have facial wipes in your car. It can help you in a jiffy without removing most of your makeup. Facial wipes are great for on the go people. They can use it to remove dirt and makeup in the car, when they have no time to go home. This is also a great tool for your post gym session to make you look and feel fresh. You can also carry baby wipes around to cleanse your body if you need to.

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Lip Balm

One of the most important item that you should have in your car and purse is lip balm. You should never leave the house without it. Our lips are incredibly sensitive to changes, especially in the environment. We need to reapply every few hours to prevent it from drying and acquiring wrinkles. The best time for you to apply lip balm is in your car; the temperature in your car is different from outside. So, a good coat can help reduce sudden dryness. You can pick tinted lip balms so you can use this in case you forget your lipstick or just need a bit of touch up.


This may seem like an item, you need to keep at home, but deodorants are multipurpose and can be used while on the go. You can use it in case you forget to apply it at home. Use it for your feet if you suddenly need to remove your shoes. Use it in your under boob area to reduce sweating or in your thighs to reduce chaffing.

Emergency Foundation Compact

Carrying liquid or cream foundation in your car is not ideal. These products are a lot harder to blend in your car on the go. Compact foundation is great for touch ups and emergency makeup situations. It is a breeze to apply and to blend. Carry a compact in your car and try to stash it in areas where it would not be exposed to too much heat. You can also use your foundation compact to set your makeup and reduce oiliness. You can also put blotting paper in your car if you are prone to oily skin. This can freshen you up in no time.

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Perfume or Cologne

There will be days where you will forget to apply perfume before you leave the house or need to re-apply again. Having a small container for your perfume or cologne in your car can help you get ready in no time. This is particularly helpful for those sudden dates or sudden meetings. Just make sure to place it in a cool area. Heat can affect perfume and colognes, making it less effective.

Brush or Comb

You may not think it’s much, but actually keeping a brush and comb in your car is helpful. We tend to forget to carry these items in our bags since it tends to be bulky. Placing it in your car is a better option. You can brush or comb your hair before you go to work or before you go out to eat or party.

We are constantly on the go. Having these items in your reach when you’re away from home can save you in certain situations. Though, some of these items cannot be left in your car when it is usually exposed to heat in open parking spaces. If your car is usually exposed to heat, just place all your beauty essential in a bag and keep them by the door so you won’t forget to carry to your car and back. What beauty item do you always have in your car? Share it with us!

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