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Beauty Habits to Break Right Now

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So you’ve tried every beauty product on the market, tried every beauty hacks you’ve found and performed all the beauty basics yet, you still haven’t achieved the desired result. There is a chance that some of your beauty habits are causing your beauty dilemmas. You should start analyzing your beauty habits and look out for ones that work with you and the ones that work against you.

You can try all the products you can find, but unless you remove your negative beauty habit, all your hard work will be nonsense. Let us discuss some of these common beauty habits and learn how to break them.

Licking Your Lips

You might think that licking your lips look sexy and hydrate your lips but you are dead wrong. Your saliva can be incredibly damaging on the lips. Saliva has a drying tendency that can cause the lips to become chapped and prone to darkening. You can fix this beauty habit by applying lip balm. Lip balm or petroleum jelly will keep your lips hydrated and protected.

Popping Your Zits

Popping your zits is probably one of the best feeling because it leaves us with satisfaction but doing this is doing more harm than good. Pimples are basically pores that are clogged due to bacteria. Imagine breaking or popping this zit, all the bacteria on the pimple can attach itself on the skin around the pores. This skin is already inflamed and irritated due to clogged pores. This will likely cause acne scars and further skin irritation. You can stop this beauty habit by not popping the pimple and leaving it alone until it fully dries up and heal. You can also apply toothpaste on the pimple to speed up the drying process.

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Running Your Fingers through Your Hair

This is a common habit for any gender. Running your fingers through your hair or playing with it can be an unconscious reflex we have when we’re bored, irritated, flirty and so on. Doing this can cause damage to your hair. Your hands aren’t usually the cleanest part of your body and the tugging and twisting of the hair can cause slip ends, knots and further damage. This is a habit that may be hard to break but keeping mental notes and being conscious about it can do the trick.

Sleeping With Makeup On

This is one of the biggest beauty mistakes to ever commit! Never ever go to sleep with makeup on, may it be lipstick, mascara or powder. Always remove your makeup before you hit the sack. You might not think much about this beauty habit but forgetting to clean your face before sleeping can cause breakouts, wrinkles, pigmentation, skin damage, fine lines and more. Our skin needs to rejuvenate, especially at night when our body is at rest. The skin is not able to breathe if there is makeup blocking the pores. Prevent this mistake by keeping makeup remover wipes near your bed. If you feel too lazy to wash off your makeup, you can easily reach out for the wipes to remove your makeup.

Not Cleaning Your Brushes and Sponge

We tend to skip cleaning our brushes due to the thought that we are the only person using it. This is completely wrong. Like clothes brushes need to be cleaned from time to time. There can be germs and bacteria breeding in your makeup tools right now. Leaving it dirty can cause skin damage, allergies and infection. You need to clean your brush at least once a month. However, you should clean your foundation brush once a week since this is the brush or sponge that is most prone to bacteria.

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Rubbing Your Hair Dry

We tend to rub our hair in our towel to help dry it. Doing this will cause damage and frizz in the hair. You are creating friction on the scalp and hair that is making it more prone to damage, split ends, knotting and dryness. You can prevent this by pressing your hair or patting it dry with a soft towel.

Now that you are aware of this negative beauty habits, try your best to avoid them. Tell your friend and family about these negative habits to help break the cycle. There are other negative habits that you need to avoid such as nail biting, not rinsing your hair enough, plucking ingrown hair and picking at your gray hair.

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