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Can Washing Dishes Relieve Stress?

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When you go through stress, sometimes it feels like the weight of the world is on your shoulders, and you want to find a way to somehow release some steam and get rid of those negative thoughts in your head and turn them into good ones. The effect of stress on a person can become very draining especially after a long days work, and somehow, you just want to go home at the end of the day with nothing on your mind but sitting down on your couch, preparing a bowl of popcorn, and falling asleep to your favorite movie in the world.

Believe it or not all people go through emotional and physical stress all the time and it could either be caused by a significant other, a family member, or work. We have our own unique ways of de stressing and it could either be done by watching a movie, sitting down with a cup of coffee and your favorite book, social drinking with friends, eating ice cream, physical engagement such as boxing, muay thai, and kick boxing, playing with kids, listening to music, singing a tune and many others.

Have you ever felt like when you look at a fountain or a running faucet that it actually relaxes you when you take a good look at it? Well the same goes for washing dishes. This may sound bizarre but some studies actually prove that washing dishes can actually relieve stress, and almost 89% of the population do this in order to get rid of anxiety, get rid of depression and more importantly get rid of stress.

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When washing the dishes, there is this sense of calmness when engaging yourself in a dishwashing frenzy, sometimes not all people develop this kind of relaxation and it often helps to get rid of negative thoughts and bad tempers. This type of behavior is called mindfulness, when you experience this type of euphoria, your ability to think sometimes becomes hazy and all you can think about are happy thoughts, the feeling of running water down your hands, and soap all over your fingers just feels like a relaxing waterfall. All your senses are amplified sort of like a super hero.

This kind of practice has proved to get rid of anxiety, panic attacks, and can even improve your sleeping pattern. Sometimes it can even get rid of nervousness.  Now you have a new and effective way of de stressing, simply take a dish and wash with all of your power.

Have you ever heard someone say “I am stressed I need to wash something”? even though you might find this odd, there are actually some people in this world that do this as a daily routine and will surprisingly not let anyone wash their dishes for them when they feel the need to get rid of some steam.  It may also seem funny to people who do not understand the benefits of being alone with a pile of dishes in their sink, but stress is no joke, and people will often find the craziest ways just to get rid of their stress.

When you start to have a bad way at work, offer your friends or your family members a hand or two with washing the dishes, or take the entire responsibility of washing it, you’ll find that even though you have a lot to clean, it will also relax you in many ways possible. It is just one way of relaxing you because sometimes the water can feel really nice on your hands and can give you that sense of calmness you have been longing for.

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