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10 Easy Makeup Tips You Should Have Known

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Prepping for the day means having to figure out what kind of makeup to wear for the day. However, there are times when you may not have the products you will need or you feel like a newbie when it comes to enhancing your overall look. But why worry about not having a specific product on hand or feel that you are grasping at straws when it comes to trying out new makeup techniques when you can take advantage of these makeup tips and hacks?

From pencil eyeliner to gel formula. If your gel liner is already finished and you haven’t got the time to buy a new one, you can always transform your pencil eyeliner into gel like consistency with a little heat. Warm up the end of the eyeliner for a few seconds then let it cool for a bit before applying. You will notice that your eyeliner has become smudgier compared to before.

Contour your nose like a pro. The mere idea of contouring can be overwhelming at times. The good news is that you don’t have to sweat this makeup technique because a fork is a hack that you will love. Simply place a fork against your nose and contour accordingly. You’ll manage to get the lines straight in no time.

Slanted hashtag for smoky effect. Another makeup hack that you will definitely love is creating a smoky effect with your eyeliner. To do this, simply draw a slanted hashtag on the outer corner of your eyes with pencil eyeliner then smudge afterwards. Now, that wasn’t so difficult, right?

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Transform any lipstick to matte. Matte lipsticks are all the rage these days. However, if you don’t have one on hand, don’t worry. Here is a simple hack that will make your lipsticks turn to matte in no time. All that you will need is a translucent powder and you’re set. Apply your lipstick as usual then hold a tissue over your lips. Dust the tissue with some translucent powder and voila! You now have a matte lipstick on your lips and in your favorite shade too.

Prevent mascara marks with spoon. Applying mascara is quite tricky for some so instead of becoming frustrated with getting rid of those smudges on your eyes because of mascara, here is a neat trick to try. Simply place a spoon over your eyes as you apply mascara on your upper eye lashes. Any excess mascara will not touch your skin as the spoon is protecting it.

Remove eye makeup with coconut oil. Another makeup tip that you should definitely keep in mind is to remove your stubborn eye makeup with coconut oil. Now, there are times when we just can’t help but get to bed without removing our makeup because we are dead tired. Unfortunately, this causes our skin to feel heavy especially around the eyes in the morning. With that being said, one of the quickest ways to remove your eye makeup is to wipe it off with coconut oil. Not only can this oil remove makeup traces fast, but it will also help strengthen your eyelashes and make them grow longer too.

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Use saline solution to dry mascara. The shelf life of mascara is usually up to 3 months only. Any longer and it will be open to collecting bacteria which can cause eye infection when still used. However, if your mascara dries up before the three months have ended, add a few drops of saline solution to re-wet it.

Make lipstick metallic with highlighter. Metallic lipstick is as popular as matte lipsticks so if you want to imbibe this trend without spending money, simply apply highlighter on your lips after you have applied your lipstick. This is how simple it is to give your lips that metallic sheen.

Warm your eyelash curler. Having trouble with your eyelash curler? Introduce some heat to it before using to help your lashes curl faster and stay that way for hours.

Transform blush brush to fan brush with bobby pin. We all know that you need different brushes when applying makeup so if you don’t have any fan brush on hand, simply clip a bobby pin on your blush brush to get that fan effect.

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