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10 Simple Stretches to Help Ease Back Pain

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We commonly experience back aches in different degrees and levels of pain. There can be many causes of back pain such as aging, poor physical fitness or intense workouts, weight, heredity, your job that can either be very physically draining or if it requires you to sit all day in front of a computer, or other diseases. However, more often than not, we just shrug it off and wait until the pain dies down. Because eventually, it diminishes, right? But there are times when the pain just won’t go away or perhaps it’s recurring.

While we don’t think it’s something serious, it doesn’t mean that we can’t do anything about it. Sure painkillers are the easiest way to go about it, but relying on them all the time is unwise. The good thing is, there are 10 stretches that you can do to help alleviate the pain. These stretches will help correct your posture or realign your spine for better flexibility.

The following stretches can be easily incorporated into your daily routine, and you will notice results in just 3 weeks. If you continue doing these practices even when the pain stops, your flexibility and back vitality will significantly improve Not only will it relieve you from the pain, but you will also have more confidence and strength to try new things every day.

Doing these stretches, you will need a Back bridge, which is a workout tool specifically designed for a back stretch. If you don’t own one, you can use a stability ball instead.

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Extension Lie on the floor with the Backbridge or stability ball at your back and your head still touching the flow. The highest point of the Backbridge should be between your shoulder blades. Extend your arms behind your head, stretching them for 2 minutes. If this feels uncomfortable or painful, you can cross your arms with your hands touching your chest or you can just put them at your side. This is an ideal stretch in the morning and at night.

2. Spinal Stretch

Still lying on the floor, move the Backbridge or stability ball under your knees, so your knees are bending a little. Once you are in the correct position, reach your arms behind you and feel your spine lengthening.

3. Both Knees to Chest

Stretch Lie on your back, placing your butt on the highest point of the Backbridge or stability ball. With your upper body straight, wrap your hands around both your knees while gently stretching them towards your chest. If you are unable to hug your knees, place your hands behind your legs instead. Hold onto this stretch for a few seconds and observe your tailbone straightening down to the floor.

4.One Knee to Chest

With your butt still on the peak of the Backbridge or stability ball, pull one leg and let it reach your chest while lengthening the other leg over the tool. Hold this pose for a few seconds before alternating the other leg.

5. Number-Four Stretch

Lie on the floor with your butt on the highest point of the Backbridge or stability ball. First, bend both of your knees and then form a number four by crossing one leg over the other. Hug the uncrossed leg or places them behind your knee while pulling it toward you gently and slowly. Rest for a few seconds before doing it with the other leg.

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6. Side Lying Stretch

Now lie on your side placing with the base of your Backbridge or stability ball on your hips. Extend your hands upward, and giving your body a good stretch. Do some variations and with the hand nearer to the floor, grab the wrist of your top hand. Stretch your arms overhead.

7. Reclining Twist

With the Backbridge or stability ball around 12 inches to the side of your hips, ground your shoulders on the floor while bringing one knee toward the opposite chest and the other leg stretching flat on the floor. Bring it up a notch by pulling your crossed knee over your torso to touch the ball. Hold onto this stretch and do the same on the opposite side. Make sure that both your shoulders are flat on the floor all throughout this routine.

8.Cobra Stretch

This is a common yoga pose. Lie face down with the base of the Backbridge or stability ball on your pelvis. Spread your fingers and press your toes onto the floor. Don’t tuck your toes.Now lift into a low cobra pose by engaging your back and abdominal muscles, bending your back backwards. Hold onto this posefor a few seconds to a minute.

9.Forward Fold

Sit on the Backbridge or stability ball with your legs stretched forward. First, straighten your back and place your arms on your side with your palms touching the floor. Afterwards, slowly and gently bend forward, with your hands trying to reach your feet and your head folding towards your knees.

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10.Lower Latissimus and Lumbar Rotators

Sit on your Backbridge or stability ball with your legs between it, forming a V shape. Start with your right arm by extending it and reaching your right ankle. With your right hand touching your right ankle, gently place your left hand on your right hand while rotating your torso and head to the side. Hold this pose then lift your left arm overhead and straighten it with the palm down, parallel to the floor.

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