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Korean Home Remedies for a Headache

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It seems like Koreans have an answer to every single beauty-related problem. It’s because of this why their skin is admired all over the planet. However, no matter how beautiful Koreans look they are still prone to having headaches just like the rest of us. Luckily, they have excellent solutions for those, too!

Read on to learn how Koreans deal with a headache. Don’t forget to repost this article on your various social media sites afterwards to let your family and friends know about these headache remedies from Korea.

Applying Heat or Cold

One of the quickest ways to reduce headaches is with the application of either heat or cold. Actually, many Koreans use heat and cold alternately. According to scientists, the use of alternating heat and cold helps improve blood circulation to the head, thus driving away a headache effectively.

When planning on giving this Korean remedy for a headache a try, put your safety first. Make sure that the hot water bag or bottle is not scorching hot, and refrain from placing ice cubes directly on your skin.

Reducing Stress

In this day and age, a lot of people including Koreans are simply more vulnerable to having high levels of stress. There are so many unfavorable things that can stem from stress, and one of the most common one is a headache. Naturally, Koreans deal with a headache related to stress simply by calming down their bodies and mind.

Natural ways to reduce stress are the same no matter where you are on the planet, including Korea. You can try listening to soothing music, doing yoga, meditating and writing in your journal to reduce stress and eliminate a headache.

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Keeping a Food Diary

Speaking of writing, most Koreans keep a food diary because they know very well that a lot of the problems that life throws their way are related to the diet. Scientists agree — there are some foods and drinks that can cause a headache to strike. Naturally, avoiding or limiting them can help fend off attacks.

It’s completely up to you to find out which foods are your headache triggers. For many people, their food triggers include nuts, seeds, tomatoes and tomato-based products, organ meats, pickled foods and red wine.

Staying Away From Irritants

There are headaches that are due to exposure to irritants in the environment. Needless to say, putting an end to exposure to what’s causing your headache is the best way to deal with the problem.

If you are a smoker, it’s not just recurring bouts of headaches that you can avoid if you quit smoking, but also so many other very serious health problems. Stay away from family members or friends who are smokers. If you live in a populous city, don’t forget to put on a mask each time you step foot outside your home or workplace.

Giving the Eyes a Break

Do you use the computer for hours on end because of work or pleasure? If you are getting lots and lots of headaches, you can rest assured that the culprit is eye strain brought about by excessive computer use.

What Koreans and people from elsewhere on the planet do in order to keep eye strain at bay is taking a break from using a computer every 20 minutes. For the next 20 seconds, looking at an object that’s about 20 feet away has to be done. Blinking slowly for 10 times can also help minimize eye strain and accompanying headaches.

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Having Some Shut Eye

Last but not least, many Koreans who refuse to pop painkillers in their mouths choose to simply sleep off their headaches. Not only will their aching heads be gone upon waking up, but they will also feel refreshed. This is the best home remedy for a headache that is apparently due to lack of sleep or stress.

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