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Nail Colors for the Winter or Fall

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Nail Colors for the Winter or Fall

The fall and winter seasons can usher in colder temperatures but just because you’re all bundled up it doesn’t mean that you can’t show off your own personal style from your makeup to your nail color. Making a statement in these seasons means retiring those bright hues you’re so fond of during the summer and start applying deeper shades that will blend nicely with your fall or winter wardrobe. Of course, turning to the experts and their advice on the best colors for the season is guaranteed to get you that new shade to add to your beauty regimen.

Midnight blue. Make your fall and winter season shine with some midnight blue nail color. This shade is actually quite perfect for any outfit you have in mind not to mention it can make your hands look brighter too.

Grey. You may think that grey colored nails won’t make much of an impact this fall or winter but you might be surprised how striking it can look regardless of whether you’re using light or darker shades. If you want to make a statement with it, add some nail art or nail accessories to make your nails stand out.

Burnished chocolate olive. Make your nails come alive with under strobe lights or even candle lights with the burnished chocolate olive color by China Glaze. The reddish sparkle added to the nail polish makes it shimmer nicely under the right lighting. This color works for those who want a dark shade with a hint of shimmer.

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Dark purple. Another color that will make a huge splash this winter and fall season is dark purple. There is nothing so bold and so confident a color as this one so if you want to give your self-confidence a boost, this one will work nicely. You can even mix and match it with your winter outfit without worrying about clashing look.

Deep aubergine. Well, you can’t have too much purple in your life so if you’re looking for that smooth, deep purplish look on your nails, go for Oribe’s The Lacquer in The Violet. Its hue will certainly mesmerize you.

Dark green. Like it was mentioned before, winter and fall seasons call for darker shades and when it comes to deeper hues, dark green colors should be part of your nail color palette. Regardless of whether you’re going for light emerald shades, shimmery enamels, or even the deeper timberland greens, you’ll definitely give your nails that punch they needed for the winter and fall seasons.

Taupe. Zoya’s nail polish might be referred to as the perfect taupe but there is more to this nail color than meets the eye. When applied, it can either be a wonderful contrast to your skin color or a seamless nude. It is worth a try if you are looking for a simple but tasteful look for your nails.

Black carbon shades. Dark nail colors never fail regardless of whether it is fall or winter. If you’re looking for simplicity then black carbon shades are worth looking into. The best part is that it can work well with any outfit you have in mind making it one of the hottest colors for these seasons.

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These are just a few examples of nail colors that are guaranteed to be trending this fall and winter season. Making your nails stand out shouldn’t be that difficult especially when you know which colors will work nicely with your skin color and your choice of wardrobe for these cold seasons. For sure, you will be rocking these nail colors in no time.

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