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Myths about Tooth Whitening

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Everyone wants the perfect smile, people tend to spend time and money trying to make their smile as flawless as possible. This usually includes going to the dentist and performing different types of procedures just so their teeth are perfect. However, do these products actually work? Or are people just following the hype? Could it just be a marketing scheme? Before we go into how to get your teeth whiter, lets first look at the reasons behind the discoloration of the teeth to begin with. Prevention is always better than cure.

Causes of teeth discoloration

There are various causes of why our teeth can get discolored. This is usually due to our everyday habits, but mainly from what we ingest. Those who smoke cigarettes and ingest colorful meals have more of a tendency of getting their teeth discolored than others.

Poor maintenance- This is a major cause of discoloration, the less your clean your teeth the more chances of you having it discolored or even worse decayed. We are supposed to clean our teeth at least twice every day. Some people even go as far as cleaning it after every major meal. Doing this process prevents any long-term decay or discoloration.

Illness – there are a group of illness that one can contact that may cause teeth discoloration. Illnesses like pulp necrosis, decays and discolors the teeth. If you think you have a disease that is causing the discoloration of your teeth, it is advised to visit your nearest dentist as soon as possible.

Curbing teeth discoloration

– Using whitening toothpaste is usually everyone’s go to option when it comes to getting the teeth whiter, since it does not require seeing any professional and can be bought straight off the counter. However, you shouldn’t bank on this is a permanent fix, because what it does is clean out the superficial stain. It might look like it is working but in the long run the effects are very minimal.

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– Over the counter tooth whitening kits; these kits can be bought over the counter and generally promise a brighter whiter smile after a few days of use. Although it has seemed to be very useful to a handful of people, there are also some that claim otherwise. There are advocates who claim these products are not healthy for the human body.

– Laser; technology has many uses and vanity takes a huge percentage of that. People who want to get their teeth whiter can get laser treatment for permanent whiteness. This is usually the most extreme method for whitening your teeth, however it has seemed to be the most effective.

These methods listed above are all supposed to be perfectly effective towards teeth whitening. Now the question at hand is, do they actually work? Or is this just a perfectly played out marketing scheme. Let’s take a look at teeth whitening myth we everyday people tend to fall for.

Teeth whitening myths

– Teeth whitening does not work for everyone. We have to understand we all differ as human beings. There are things which apply to most that might not generally affect us as individuals. From the teeth whitening perspective, some people’s teeth tend to go yellow while the others tend to go gray. For those who get to develop gray teeth, this is usually due to old age. Whitening products or treatments will generally not work for these set of people, since you cannot alter time. That’s just the ironic truth, you cannot change your age.

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– Having crowns and fillings might not perfectly match the hue of our teeth. Most people would like to get their teeth with the same shade of white. Sadly, speaking you cannot be whitening fillings nor crowns. This is why it is recommended to get the treatment done before you actually get the medical procedure of obtaining any fillings or crowns.

– Bleaching is another method one can get their teeth whiter but the bleachers usually go into the procedure with expectations that it would last forever. Sorry to burst your bubble but bleaching your teeth will only last you a few years. Matter of fact the whiteness will start to fade away within a few months after the treatment.

The end story of this is that you shouldn’t give into the hype of marketing. Especially when dealing with teeth whitening procedures. The best way to keep your teeth clean is to brush your teeth every day, avoid meals and drinks that will discolor your teeth. But if you cannot stay away from your favorite drink then you should visit your dentist and they can prescribe the best method on how you can get your teeth whiter. However, be weary of the duration of the process, because it definitely will not last forever.

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