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Make Your 60s the Best Years of Your Life

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Life begins whenever you want it to. If you are one of those who begin life every decade, your 60s may be the start of many things you have put off for a long time. This is the season for a “new you”, a time to be more healthy or a time to love your body even more. This age is not just about finishing the days but this is a time to maximize the days even more, an awesome stepping stone to the decade coming ahead. Here are 10 boosters you can add to your list to kick it in yours 60s.

1. Grow a healthy lifestyle

It is never too late to show your body some love and have your best health ever. Sure your body continues to change but do not think that it will just keep depreciating because there are some steps you can take to significantly improve your health. This may also be a time to turn around all the damages that you have brought upon yourself in your younger years.

One of the most fatal mistakes that people make in their 60s is thinking it is “too late”, because it is not. Commit to take healthy steps now like keep your weight under control, feeding yourself more nutrients by having lots of fruits and vegetables; exercise at least 20 minutes each day and give yourself more than 2 hours worth of weekly exercise. And if you still haven’t, stop smoking now and extend your life by even 10 more years.

2. Spice Up Your Sex Life

Not that you need more reasons to keep it up, but you must keep your sex life in order to increase your life expectancy. There have been many studies that show that being sexually active results in being healthier. Find ways to keep the fire burning and maintain an active, rewarding sex life. If you are experiencing some issues, take action now. There are several articles written to help you on this topic.

3. Take Care of your Brain

If everything is smooth-sailing and you hardly have serious things to think of, create some thoughts for the brain! Your brain feeds on problems, it likes to puzzle over and figure out challenges. It loves to be busy, so find activities that will keep your brain working, try out crossword puzzles or search-the-word activities. Keep reading books and expose yourself to trivia about anything and everything. Keep your brain learning and smart in
retirement. The brain considers routines to be easy and they do not keep the brain challenged. So, besides doing things the usual way, try to insert new habits and skills in your every day. Studies show that as you get older, you can keep a healthy brain by continually exposing it to intellectually stimulating activities. With this, you are suggested to even take some courses, study new things and stay smart!

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4. Take Care of your Body

Now that you have retired from work, it is time to put your body to more work. The kids have moved out and you will have all the time you need to exercise, do sports, cook healthy meals because you have more time and you have more time. Life will start feeling like it depends on you less, and you will have more energy to focus on your body.

List all the unhealthy things that you have done and reverse them. Lose weight, exercise and choose what you eat. Make a plan for your body during this time. Keep the body busy and active and you will not just feel better, you will surely live longer and healthier.

5. Grow a healthy mindset

Age is but a number, as they say. Treat it as an ally, not a foe you are against with. An optimistic mindset could add up to 7.5 years to your life according to some researches. If the mind is more positive, your body will deal with stress differently. Spend time listing why you should see ageing positively. Age has gained you a lot of wisdom, it has grown you in character and you are in a better position to be of help to younger people. Younger people will look up to you, and this is the right time to nurture other people and this will provide you much affirmation. You can add your ideas to the list, and always think how aging can be awesome. And on bad days, remember age is but a number and 60 is happy.

6.Be on top of your medical needs

If anybody should know the medications and treatments you undergo, it should be you not just your doctor. Understand what is written on your prescriptions and decrease the risk of death. Patients who ask questions and understand their medical conditions are better off from complications than those who do not bother to understand their conditions. Asking your doctor things that you want to clarify or even your pharmacist regarding the meds you buy will lead you to a better understanding of your health. It will also make you feel more secure knowing that you fully understand what’s happening in your body. For all you know, this could save your life.

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7. Get your check-ups regularly

The body becomes more fragile as it ages, this is not preventable, but it does not mean that you will have to suffer from all sorts of sickness. Early detection is key in treating most sicknesses, so to keep yourself always in check is the most responsible thing you can do for your body. There are many illnesses that do not manifest symptoms until the latter stages. Make it a habit to take preventative care and screenings. An annual check is the minimum requirement but taking tests every 6 months may be best to detect should there be any rising problem. It may seem tedious at first especially that you would need to take various tests but doctor appointments can help detect the illness early and treatments made at the earlier stage lead to a higher rate of success.

Make a commitment to make a trip to your doctor’s clinic regularly and stick to screening plan. Remember, the earlier you detect, the more you can prevent and you can take more effective treatments. If you dread the test and trip down the clinic, you can make it less of a torture by getting yourself a reward afterward.

8. Master your hormones and aging

Your hormones don’t stop changing and anticipating the changes that could still happen at your 60s, so, knowing how to deal with them can save you several other problems.

There are hormone therapies available but before heading to see a professional, do a basic research. As a precaution, make sure to avoid buying hormone supplements unless you are certain that you need them.

9. Use Your Time Productively

Retiring means that you will have at least 40 hours all of a sudden free for you to spend in any way you want except mandatory work. Once you stop working, you start looking for other activities to do and statistics show that most retirees end up spending 4 hours being sedentary in front of the TV. But it is important that we remind you there are some dangers associated with not spending your newfound free time wisely.

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The tendency to be sedentary during this season is high among adults 60 year old and up. This is not the best way to spend the day but the time should be spent doing things that are healthy for the brain and body. The suggested activities include socializing, volunteering, exercising, cooking healthy food and developing new habits that are productive.

On the other hand, watching too much TV is easy but very unhealthy. In a matter of days, one can succumb to just settling on the couch and watching TV for hours. But remember, this temporary happiness you get from the shows you watch may leave your body unhealthy and you will be unhappy eventually.

10. Enjoy Your Social Life

You may be 60 but it does not mean you can’t build new relationships, connect to old ones or even deepen existing close ones.

Upon retirement, you would also need a social group that will keep you emotionally and mentally occupied. At the workplace, you are constantly interacting with various individuals. Once retirement comes, it will take more effort from your end to see people. You must make the effort to meet up with friends, or go on trips together. The social needs of a person do not change once you get older. If any, you would need more social support once the kids leave and build their lives elsewhere.

To adjust well to this new social setting, make constant plans for getting out and being with people regularly. Social contact improves health because it helps mange stress and emotions. It also helps to have other people check on you from time to time. Family members get busy too so it will come in very handy if you keep friends close.

The Bottom Line

Making the most of your 60s is your choice and with all the suggestions we have given you, you are now ready to enjoy the best years of your life still ahead of you.

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