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Top Exercise and Fitness Programs for You

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These days, finding the time to go to the gym and starting a fitness program is becoming a pipe dream, with all the demands on our limited time by other activities inside and outside of work. To maximize how effective our workout time is, we should base our workout routine on exercise programs that can help us with our goals, without taking too much of our time.

What Makes an Exercise and Fitness Program Effective?

Before you choose, do remember the following points on how you can choose wisely when it comes to exercise programs:

1) How fit are you, really?

This is no joke. Many fitness programs assume that you have a certain level of fitness. If you’re totally out of shape, then you may even need a specialized training program or a personal trainer so you can reach a minimum point for starting the exercise program you would like to use.

2) Know your medical history

You should know what you’re allowed to do, medically, before beginning any exercise. Do check with a physician before starting workout routines. He should also keep track of your progress.

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3) Diet and additional equipment

You should be aware that to maximize some of these workout programs require diet and additional workout equipment. The additional workout equipment may or may not be included in the program’s “kit,” but diet is the more important consideration. Again, you should consult with a physician before following the required diet, or a diet that seems to match the exercise program’s needs.

Exercise Programs

The following are some exercise and fitness programs that are available in the market. Do remember that you have to consider what you’re really after, not just that you want to “look good and stay in shape.”

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Slim in 6

This exercise program combines cardiovascular training with light resistance movements to reduce weight, and create a lean and tone physique. The program also comes with a supplementary diet guideline and a resistance band. Do take note that if you suffer from chronic pain, you may have to consult with a doctor or
personal trainer. As the name suggests, this fitness program is designed to give tangible results in 6 weeks. However, with some modifications by a personal trainer, this can also be the basis for long-term workout routines.

Brazil Butt Lift

The unusual name is a good description for this exercise program. This program focuses on toning the buttocks and surrounding areas, and the workouts will contribute to general health and fitness, including cardiovascular improvement. People who will buy this exercise program should be aware that the workout routines are limited in number, but can be shifted around to lessen boredom. It supposedly offers realistic results in 6 days.

Body Gospel

This fitness program combines the following: high-intensity, easily understandable workouts; healthy diet recipes and advice; and faith-based messages and workout soundtrack. Even people who are totally out of shape can use this program for health and fitness. It has a 30-day cash-back guarantee, but the excellent whole-body workout routines and diet management components will surely be effective within the time limit. However, do take note that gospel music and faith-based messages may not be your cup of tea.

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Turbo Jam

The workout routines in this exercise program promote safe and effective weight loss in a short time period. The user will lose weight through high-intensity, calorie-burning workouts. The program provides a large number of workout routines, and no additional support equipment is technically necessary – though some additional products may be needed for the suggested diet. Improved cardiovascular endurance, and general health and fitness are the goals of this program. Do take note that this is a very intense workout program and may not suit some people. In addition, the dance-like routines may not be for everyone.

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Turbo Fire

Considered as a next step to Turbo Jam, this workout program promises significantly better overall fitness in 90-days. This will be done through intense, highly-energized workout routines. Originally designed as an advanced physical training program, it has been modified so that even beginners can use it. It focuses first on cardiovascular endurance, and after that improves health and fitness quickly. It is a customizable exercise program, and includes a workout calendar and dietary guide. It’s a bit costly, and needs strong commitment, given the workout routines and schedules required.


This exercise program is designed for cardiovascular endurance, lean muscle and tissue strength, losing weight, and improvements in flexibility, coordination, and balance. The workout routines used are extremely comprehensive and aggressive, and designed for maximum results in a short amount of time. However, the user must be aware that this program needs a strong commitment, additional equipment, and strength of will for diet requirements. The basic program should give measurable results in 90 days. By never sticking to one long-term pattern of exercise, the gains are magnified, as the body continually adapts to the “new” requirements.

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After you have finished using these exercise programs through the basic or initial steps, it’s important to remember that long-term health and fitness regular exercise. You have to design your fitness program to your needs with the help of a trainer. You also have to keep track of your workout routines, to know which parts are effective. Finally, you have to make changes in your diet and lifestyle, so that your exercise and fitness program won’t just end up being a personal fad.

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