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How to Choose the Best Underwear for Your Health

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Underwear is one of the most bought and worn out piece of clothing that we have. When we go shopping for underwear one of the few things we think about is the price, the style and the type of fabric its made of. However, this isn’t as easy at seem. What really is the optimal choice when it comes to underwear for both men and women? Boxers or brief? Thongs or bikini cut? There are so many options when it comes to choosing underwear that it can be perplexing. Well, to make it harder – research has proven that the type of underwear you use can affect your health. From skin irritation, odor and yeast infection- all of these can be caused by wearing the wrong underwear. Some styles and fabrics can fit you and your lifestyle, while some can cause problems. To help you find the most ideal underwear, we’ve compiled some tips to help you scouer the best underwear for your health.

Get the Right Size

Like bras, getting the right size of underwear can make a huge difference. Most of us make the mistake of using underwear that is too tight. This can give you an unflattering silhouette, but more importantly it can cause vaginal irritation and skin chafing. Post-menopausal women are also more prone to irritation if they wear underwear that is too tight. This goes the same for men too. Men that wear underwear that is too tight can have skin irritation and chafing. When picking underwear, find ones that are not too tight that it causes friction in your skin with movement and not to loose that it wears out just a few months of buying.

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Always Check the Material

When it comes to underwear material, nothing beats cotton. Cotton underwear is best for daily use and is best when it comes to comfort. Cotton is breathable fabric, this doesn’t constrict the genital area and make it better for movement. Cotton underwear is soft and lightweight that makes it great for exercising, physical activities, laying at home and sleeping. Cotton fabric can also reduce moisture in the genital area. This can help reduce smell and sweating. Synthetic fabrics do not absorb moisture as much as cotton making you more prone to infection and skin irritation. When planning to use other fabrics, avoid using them every day or wearing it for long periods of time.

Regular Replacement

Underwear can be expensive. Most of us do not buy new underwear until all of their pairs have worn out or is completely unwearable. Once your underwear becomes saggy or lose shape, purchase a new one. Underwear that tends to be too worn out is uncomfortable. Underpants often last for about 6 to 8 months depending on use.


Going commando is a great way to air out the genital area. This can help reduce the chances of infection and odor. If you feel comfortable, practice sleeping commando and see the difference in your health.


Thankfully, things aren’t as popular now as it was back then, but it is still widely used today. Most women wear thong to avoid panty lines when wearing skin tight clothes or when they just want to feel sexy. There are a lot of designs when it comes to underwear, but thongs are one of the unhealthiest designs due to its shape. Thongs make you more prone to infection and irritation. The shape of the underwear also makes you more prone to spreading bacteria from your anus to your vagina. Women that also use Thongs are more prone to urinary tract infection. It’s fine to wear thongs once in a while, but using it every day or for a prolonged period should be avoided.

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Shape Wear

Spanx and other products that can help our silhouette are great, but it can also be addictive. Wearing them too long or too often can cause urinary tract infection and if it is too tight it can also cause constipation. Try to limit the time you use shape wear and opt to use them a few times a week only. When you do plan to wear them avoid using underwear fabric that are rough since it can cause chafing. Opt for cotton underwear underneath to reduce chances of infection.

Consider these tips the next time you plan to shop for underwear. Think about what your body needs and how sensitive your health are. This can help you pick out the right underwear and make selection a lot easier. Find an underwear that can keep you healthy and comfortable. Be wise with what you wear and shop smart! So, what is your us your choice of underwear material and style and how beneficial it is to your health? Share it with us!

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