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Beginner Tips for Tweezing Your Eyebrows

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Our eyebrows play a huge part when it comes to our appearance. It’s not just a strip of hair on top of your eyes. Eyebrows can help shape the face and can even make the eyes appear a lot bigger or smaller. Getting it just right is a daunting task, since it is a small surface a tiny mistake can be incredibly noticeable. This why most people are afraid to pluck their eyebrows. This can be intimidating and tedious task for beginners. However, it is possible to get the perfectly plucked eyebrows even if you’ve never done it before. To help you get your ideal eyebrow shape. We’ve asked top eyebrow experts and makeup artist on a beginner’s guide to tweezing your eyebrows and aftercare. Here is what they had to say.

Use The Right Tools

If this will be the first time you are going to tweeze your eyebrow, there is a large chance that you don’t have the tools to do them. There will be a few things that you will need to make this a lot easier. You will need a good tweezer, an eyebrow brush or mascara brush, eyebrow pencil or eyeliner (white or any light color) and a clean napkin or makeup remover wipes. The most important thing you need to have is good tweezers. Find ones that have a strong grip. This will help make sure that you get the hair without breaking them. If you really have faith in your tweezing skills you can use normal colored eyebrow pencil, light color pencil can help you identify a lot faster which hair to pluck.

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Identify Which Shape You Want

It can be a bit difficult to pick which eyebrow shape you want. You can find different shapes from the naturally bushy brows to thinner eyebrows. The shape of your brows will mostly depend on your face shape and eyes. If you want to open up your eyes, you can opt for thin brows. To frame the face and eyes, you can opt for thick brows. Find the starting point of your brows by placing your eyebrow pencil on the side of your nose. Your pencil should be pointing up. The place where your pencil stops in the middle of your eyebrow should be your starting point. You can find the arc of your brows placing the end of your pencil on the side of your nose and use your iris as a middle point, where the end of the pencil will be your arc. Some people prefer to have shorter eyebrows, but if you want the basic end shape use the side of your nose and the corner of your outer eye as a guide.


Once you’ve gotten your start, arc and end point, it’s time to draw.  This will be the hard part when it comes to beginner. Take your time and draw it a few times and see if it is symmetrical and if it is the shape you want. You have to remember the shape that you’ve drawn will be your guide. Take it slow and make sure that this is the shape you want.

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Say No to Magnifying Mirror

Magnifying mirrors are great when it comes to applying makeup, but when it comes to plucking should be a no-no. This can make you more prone to mistakes. Use a full mirror to see your whole brows and prevent you from over plucking. Remember, one mistake can be easily seen when it comes to your eyebrows.

The Pain

We all know that plucking your hair is painful, but this can be more painful if it is eyebrow hair. This area can be a bit more sensitive and if it is your first time. You can help reduce the pain by using a bit of heat on your eyebrows. This can open up the pores and make plucking easier. If you really are sensitive, try some pain killers. Avoid plucking just before and on your period, you tend to be more sensitive during this time.

Clean It Up

Before you even draw your eyebrows make sure that it is completely clean. Use your eyebrow brush to brush the hair in its natural direction. Once you’ve brushed it out, you will notice some hairs will move past your eyebrow shape. Snip these excess length. This will help give you a better canvas for tweezing.

Perfectly shaped and groomed eyebrows can help bring a certain pop to your eyes and frame your face. Eyebrows are a big deal, especially when you start to learn applying makeup. So, getting the base just right can help make it a lot easier. We hope these eyebrow tweezing beginner tips can help you out in your journey. Once you’ve mastered tweezing your eyebrows, you can easily master drawing them on and styling them. If you really have no idea which eyebrow shape is right for you, ask a friend to draw one for you and use it as a guide.

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