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Inspirational Weight Loss Tips You Need to Try

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We know the basic of weight loss. Eat a balanced diet, exercise more and keep good lifestyle habits. Knowing about this basic is the easy part, putting them into action is a whole different thing. Losing weight requires both physical and mental preparation. It is about having motivation, patience and self-control. What we do every day can affect the results of our weight loss adventure. We are now at the age where temptation is everywhere. We are given more of a challenge in our physical and mental states every day. We can get fast food a lot cheaper than fresh and healthy food. A pizza can be delivered at your home, any time of the day. We can accomplish a lot while we sit in front of a computer. We put health and fitness on the back burner for things that are easier and cheaper.

The words “Fad Diet” should never be a part of weight loss. Fad Diets is comprised of gimmicks and false promises of easy and quick weight loss. The only true way to lose weight is being consistent with your exercise, eating habits and positive state of mind. You don’t have to be perfect, you are allowed to cheat and relax. Though, having a healthy body, you are required to have 80% of your lifestyle dedicated to healthy habits.

Start your healthy lifestyle and weight loss, and maintain it. Create a plan for yourself and achieve your goal. Here are a few inspirational weight loss tips that can help you get the ball rolling.

Create Motivational Notes

You might think this is stupid, but motivational notes are a great reminder. Stick them somewhere they are mostly visible. Place them in front of your refrigerator, in your car, computer monitor and more. Writing down this motivation will keep you going through the day and remind you to work hard. Place quotes that motivate you to eat healthier and exercise

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Make a Snack Section

Stock your kitchen with healthy food, place fruit and vegetables out in the open or where it is most accessible. Avoid buying temptation food and try your best to go organic. However, some of us have a husband, children, roommates, siblings or others who live with us. To completely remove the temptation from your house is close to impossible. You can’t really control their eating habits, but you can control yours. The first thing you have to do is to dedicate a small area for snacking. Place all temptations in this section and if possible never go near the area.

Healthy Snacking

One of the few reasons why we opt for eating junk food or fast food is for convenience. We have to admit, packing open a bag of chips is way easier than slicing up some fresh fruit. You can create positive, healthy snacking by preparing your snacks. Take some zip lock bags or Tupper wares where you can place you pre-made snack. Peel and slice fruits and place it in a sealed container. Boil eggs and peel them. Reheat the egg when you feel like snacking. Make thing convenient for you while thinking about your goal. Create snacks that give you enough nutrition and calories to get you through your day.

Don’t Exercise Just For Weight Loss

Don’t exercise just because you want to lose a certain amount of weight for a period of time. Remember, the body is a complicated thing. We can gain 4 pounds or lose 4 pounds just from water weight. You can gain weight from muscles too. If you keep looking at the scale of your weight loss you’ll notice that the more toned and define your body becomes, the harder it is to lose weight. Aim for fitness and not weight loss. Think about exercise this way, “last week I ran on the treadmill for 30 minutes and felt like I was going to die, this week I was able to go through 30 minutes of running without breaking a sweat”. The results will show in your body, even if you don’t step on the scale.

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Reward Yourself

Create tiny goals for yourself and yourself a treat every time you accomplish one. Though, we are not talking about rewarding yourself with a burger or a whole pizza. Do little rewards that can help with your growth. For example, when you manage to lose 6 pounds this week, you’re going to buy yourself a day of pampering at the spa. When you manage to stop eating white rice for a month, you’ll buy yourself that beautiful purse.
We hope these tips will be able to keep you motivated and inspired to pull through your weight loss. Keep up with your goals and be ready for a healthier new you.

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