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Keep Your Eyes Looking and Feeling Young

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People tend to say that the first thing that they notice in people are their eyes. It’s no really the first thing we notice, but the most memorable part. As they say, the eyes are the windows to the soul. Though, the real thing that our eyes really show is how tired we are and our age. Recent experiments show that a lot of people can tell how old you are just by your eyes. Improving the eye’s appearance can make you look a lot younger and refreshed. To help you out, we’ve compiled some of the best ways to keep your eyes looking and feeling young. These tips can vary from beauty remedies, products and makeup. Read on to find out more.

Dark Circles

One of the skin problems that can make us age dramatically is dark circles. This unsightly discoloration around our eyes can age us to about a decade or more. It is important to handle dark circles and eye bags early on. When we turn 40, we lose most of the elasticity of our under eye area and skin tends to thin out. For a quick fix, you can use concealer. Using concealer that is a bit lighter can create the illusion of a lift. This makes the skin appear brighter.

Moisturize the Eye Area

The skin around our eyes tend to be a lot thinner than other areas around the skin. This makes it more prone to darkening and drying out. When the under eye area is not moisturized enough, it tends to be more prone to darkening and sagging. This also makes it more prone to premature aging. You can make maintain youthful looking eyes by moisturizing this area regularly. There are eye creams that can be double purpose. Pick eye creams that contain anti-aging ingredients or lightening to help reduce dark circles.

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Getting the right eyelashes can help brighten the eyes, making it appear younger. Eyelashes that tend to be too thick can be heavy and make the eyes appear a lot older. Opt for natural looking false eyelashes if you want to thicken the lashes. You can also use lengthening and thickening mascara, but make sure not to over-do it. Curl your eyelashes too. This will give the eyes that wide eye and bright appearance. This is a great way to make the eyes appear bigger and more awake.

Fill Your Eyebrows

Your eyebrows play a huge part when it comes to your features. Your eyebrows can also make your eyes appear younger or older. Eyebrows that tend to be light and thin can make the eyes appear older. This is because the thinner it is the eyes appear smaller. If your hair tends to become sparser due to tweezing or genetics, remember to fill your eyebrows. The right arch and color can make the eyes appear a lot younger. Eyebrows that tend to be too dark, too high or too low can make the eyes appear tired or older.

Tea Bags

Tea bags are a great source of caffeine that can help reduce puffy eyes. The caffeine can help lighten the dark blood vessels in the under eye area and helps remove liquid build up. This will help remove the darkness and puffiness that can age the eyes and make you appear too tired. Doing this regularly can also help with the overall appearance of the under eye area making it appear tighter.

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White Eye Liner

A lot of us know about the white eyeliner tip. Applying it on our lower lash line can help make it appear bigger and brighter, but it can also help make the eyes appear a lot younger. Another great thing you can do is to add white eye pencil near the tear duct. This will soften the eye’s appearance brighten the eye area.


Iron deficiency can cause dark circle and under eye bags. You can help reduce this by eating an iron rich diet. You can incorporate foods such as dark chocolate, kidney beans and spinach in your diet to get enough iron in your system. Iron is also important to keep the whole body healthy and with the production of blood.

Our eyes can say a lot about us. From what we are feeling, if we are lying, how tired we are and now our age. We can look a lot older than we are just by not taking care of our eyes. We hope that these tips and tricks are able to help you feel and look a lot younger. A great way for you to improve your eye’s appearance is to start from the inside out. Eat healthier, sleep more and reduce your intake of vices. Do you have your own tips to keep eyes looking and feeling young? Share it with us!

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