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Impressive Beauty Uses for Baby Wipes

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Despite of what they are called, baby wipes are not just for babies. They are also perfect for a beauty-conscious woman like you — they allow you to carry out some of your most important beauty regiments in a smarter fashion.

Make sure that you have a pack of baby wipes lying on your dressing table or stashed in your bag. Here are some of the most amazing beauty uses for those baby wipes other than for diaper changes:

For Removing Excess Nail Polish

If you love painting your own nails at home, then make sure that there are baby wipes within your easy reach each time — they are very good at dealing with nail polish mistakes practically effortlessly.

Baby wipes are also excellent for removing dirt and grime on your nails before your at-home manicure session, and also for keeping your cuticles moisturized for pushing them back trouble-free.

For Obliterating Hair Dye Stains

Do you also dye your hair at home because it’s a lot easier on your pocket? See to it that there is a pack of baby wipes sitting right beside you each time you dye your tresses with your own two hands.

The moment that hair dye drips on your hairline, earlobes, neck and shoulders, immediately wipe them off with baby wipes so that you may end up with stain-free and professional-looking results.

For Taming Unruly Hair

Here’s another very nifty use for baby wipes involving your locks — they can quickly get rid of flyaway hairs that like to stick out and easily ruin your entire look and considerably diminish your self-confidence.

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All you have to do to put your tresses that seem to have minds of their own under control is pat them down with a baby wipe. Have a pack of baby wipes in your bag so that you may deal with flyways no matter where you go.

For Erasing Eye Makeup

Since baby wipes are primarily designed for use on sensitive skin of babies, you can count on them to remove makeup on your eyes whose skin requires lots and lots of gentle loving and caring.

It’s for this reason why you can always grab a baby wipe each time you want to get rid of your eye shadow and most especially that mascara. Baby wipes are just as effective as eye makeup remover wipes, but they’re cheaper.

For Getting Rid of Excess Tanner

If you are into sunless tanning with the use of tanning lotions, creams or gels, make sure that there is a pack of baby wipes within your easy reach the next time you attempt to give yourself a sun-kissed glow.

Quickly go over areas with excessive amounts of tanning product with a baby wipe so that you may come up with the smoothest and most all-natural result. Baby wipes are also great for removing stains from your palms.

For Shrinking Large Pores

Here’s one super smart tip if you are constantly bugged by large pores that keep you from taking the perfect selfies — always stash a pack of baby wipes in your refrigerator.

Each time that you feel that your gigantic pores could use some shrinking, grab a wipe from the fridge and start patting it on your nose, cheeks or anywhere else on your face where there are humungous pores.

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For Zapping Pesky Underarm Odor

Just in case you ran out of your favorite deodorant, there is no need to put your life on hold. That’s because you can always count on baby wipes to keep underarm odor from ruining your day and everybody else’s nose.

What you need to do is clean your underarms with a baby wipe every now and then to zap odor-causing bacteria. Baby wipes are so gentle on skin that you don’t have to worry about underarm irritation.

If you can think of any other beauty use for baby wipes, share it in the comments section below!

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