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What is African Mango?

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The World Wide Web has been buzzing about the different benefits of the African Mango, specifically the claims about it being a great weight loss supplement. If  you are on this page, reading this article, then there is no question – you are looking for ways to lose weight through more natural methods rather than going under the knife, for instance, undergoing liposuction just to get rid of your excess body weight.
You may already be on the verge of giving up your dreams of becoming slimmer and fitter because you have tried so many different types of diet methods and weight loss supplements – all to no avail. Then one day, you were doing a bit of web surfing and you encountered the numerous articles surrounding African
Mango. Because of this, your hopes of losing the excess fat
that you are carrying then came rushing back to you. Before you begin spending money though on buying supplements containing the extract of this fruit, you should first find out whether or not it really is an ideal weight loss supplement.

A Brief Overview on the Fruit Extract

The African Mango is the fruit bore by a tree grown in both the Central and the West Africa. The fruit that is produced is very similar to the mango, hence the name. Its Latin name is Irvingia gabonesis, which is why many refer to this fruit simply as IG. Some of the other common names used to refer to this particular

fruit include dika nut, bush mango, and wild mango. IG contains 7.5% protein, 14% fiber, 26.4% carbohydrates, and 50% fat.
In the places where the IG bearing trees are grown, the flesh of the fruit is widely consumed. However, it is the fruit’s seed (or nut) thatis believed to have powerful components that can lead to weight loss and other health-related benefits. This is the main reason why extracts of the fruit are now being widely sold online, seeing that the number of consumers who are becoming more health conscious and would want to lose weight is continuously on the rise.
While clinical studies and research regarding the weight loss efficiency of African Mango are limited, many of these show that it is indeed effective. In addition to IG containing supplements aiding in weight loss, those that are in high quality form have also shown effectiveness in lowering blood cholesterol levels and
improving diabetes management and control. What the re
searchers suggest is that these health benefits can be attributed to the high level of fiber that the seed or the nut of the fruit contains.

The Many Different Benefits of the Fruit Extract

Research and  studies have shown that consumption of African Mango extracts can aid in weight loss. How? First and foremost, it has been found that IG extracts has the ability to slow down digestion. This means that the food you will eat is processed a lot more quickly, thus, your body obtains as much nutrients from the food as it can. In addition to this, IG supplements can also leave you feeling fuller for a longer period of time. This benefit is extremely useful if you areon a diet, as you will experience less hunger pangs.
Weight loss supplements that contain pure (or high levels) of IG extracts can also help burn fat, which is another plus for dieters just li ke you. The seed or nut of this particular fruit has a component that boosts metabo lism significantly. Metabolism is the process of creating energy from consumed food. This means that the slower your metabolism is, the higher possibility you have of becoming overweight. So when you combine the ability of African Mango to slow down digestion and boost metabolism at the same time, you can get rid of the extra weight you are carrying much more efficiently.

Downsides of the Fruit Extract (Supplements Containing It)

Of course, just like with any other health or weight loss supplements out there, African Mango extracts also do come with a few downsides. One of the most noteworthy downsides of taking IG supplements is the number of side effects that come with its consumption. Some of these include headaches, insomnia, and gas. However, it is also important to note that not everyone will experience these side effects, and those who did noted that they were not severe enough that their daily activities were interrupted.

Another minor disadvantage to using IG extract weight loss supplements is that you may have a hard time finding physical brick and mortar stores that sell them. However, most African Mango supplement dealers operate online, so this should not be a real issue. Just make sure that you are dealing with a seller known for providing high quality supplements, such as those that make use of highly concentrated extracts and fewer (or no) additives.

Bottom Line for Those who want to Lose Weight

While consumption of African Mango supplements has the potential to aid you in your weight loss or weight control program, you should first consult with your primary health care giver to determine whether it will be suitable for you or not. You should also not rely completely in these supplements if you want to become slimmer and fitter. If you decide to give supplements that contain IG extracts a try, you should still incorporate its consumption with proper diet and healthier meal plans. The combination of these three elements is sure to provide you with the results that you want.

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