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Beauty Tips French Women Swear By

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French women are considered one of the most beautiful in the world. They are known for their amazing fashion, confidence, allure and skin. Do you ever wonder how they accomplish this? Our cultures varies and this also means that our beauty rules varies too. French women tend to have different beauty habits, rules and makeup tips. Let’s find out some of these tips and learn how beneficial they are for us.

Wine Isn’t Just For Recreation

Drinking wine every day is rooted in the French culture. It’s something that they tend to do naturally. Wine is not just a delicious drink. It can also be a great source of antioxidant that can help remove toxins from the body and improve heart rate. Red wine also contains anti-inflammatory properties that can help prevent acne and improve circulation.

Less Makeup

French women tend to stray away from the western ideal when it comes to makeup. They prefer the natural and the less is more approach when it comes to fixing them. This even goes with hairstyles. They tend to skip the heavy contouring or heavy styling with their hair. They do like the appeal of red lipstick and this has become a staple when it comes to their makeup.

Walking a Lot

French men and women do not go to the gym as religious as other countries. They prefer to get their daily dose of exercise from walking. Their primary mode of transportation is by means of either walking or cycling. A little bit of walking a day can go a long way. Thirty minutes of walking, healthy eating and good lifestyle choices can keep you fit.

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Focus on Skin Care

France was once the world’s leader when it comes to skin care, they have been overpowered by South Korea in the past year. But their products and regimen are still considered one of the best. They primarily believe that the best thing for beauty is to have healthy skin and prevent future skin problems with good products and a great skin care routine.

Enjoying Everything in Moderation

French people have always enjoyed food and is still one of the leaders when it comes to the culinary industry. Yet their rate for obesity have not grown as much as other countries such as America and the UK. This is said to be because of their love of food and allowing themselves to savor them. Quality, instead of quantity. They also enjoy everything in moderation. From desserts, alcohol and everyday snacking.

French women like Hollywood Beauty Brigitte Bardot is known for her timeless beauty, stylish appearance and flawless skin. Till now, French women have been a great inspiration in fashion, makeup and skin care. Above are some of their best and widely used tips to keep them looking elegant and effortlessly beautiful. Have you tried any of them before?





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