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Tips for Protecting Your Hair from the Harsh Summer Sun

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Summer season means heading out to the beach with family or friends and soaking up the sun and the sea, or going on adventure trips with the whole gang. Unfortunately, too much exposure the harsh rays of the sun can do some serious damage to your hair. If you notice that your hair is no longer as bouncy and shiny as before, chances are it’s already lacking in humidity. What’s more, being out in the sun for hours can actually change the color of your hair especially when you have dyed it. If you want to maintain the natural beauty of your hair, you need to give it some protection against the damage caused by the sun.

How will you be able to maintain your natural, beautiful hair? Here are some tips that you should keep in mind.

  1. Use conditioner. Since the sun can easily dry your hair, make sure that you apply some conditioner to help keep your hair strands moisturized. Choose a conditioner that will work well with your hair type. If you plan on going swimming, apply some leave-on conditioner and wear a swimming cap for added protection.
  2. Wet your hair first. If your summer adventure consists of swimming in a pool filled with chlorinated water, make sure that you wet your hair first with non-chlorine water. This is to ensure that your scalp absorbs this water first instead of the one in the pool as the latter can damage your hair.
  3. Skip the heat. Women tend to use curlers, blow dryers and hair straighteners to style their hair but the added heat during the summer can do more harm than good. Ease up on these styling equipment and let your hair dry naturally to minimize damage.
  4. Cover your hair. Too much sun exposure can affect the health of your tresses but you can prevent damage by covering your hair with a hat or scarf. Aside from keeping your hair out of the sun, these hair accessories can make you look more fashionable as well.
  5. Give it a trim. The ends of your hair suffers the most during the summer season and when you start to see split ends, it’s better to give your hair a trim. If you don’t want to cut your hair too short, just remove the parts where hair damage has occurred. This will make your hair look healthier and more beautiful.
  6. Start controlling frizzy hair. With the harsh rays of the sun bearing down on your hair, it won’t be too much of a surprise to see your hair become frizzy. Fortunately, you can minimize frizz by tying your hair in a bun, pigtails, braid, or even pony tail if you like as these hair styles can reduce the chances of having frizzy hair. Tying your hair also reduces sweating so this can be part of your summer ritual to help you cool down.
  7. Go for conditioning treatments. Keep in mind that the harsh summer sun can do some serious damage to your hair and if you want to ensure that your hair remains nourished and healthy, you should considering using deep conditioning treatments that will help nourish your scalp and hair. This way, your hair will get the moisture it needs to prevent split ends and even becoming brittle after prolonged exposure to the sun.
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Don’t let the summer season put a damper on your hair as the tips mentioned above can help ensure that your locks will remain healthy, beautiful, and nourished no matter what your summer adventure will be. Just keep your hair conditioned and wear protective covering at all times and you’ll keep your hair damage free.

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