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Look Younger With These 6 Easy Makeup Tips

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Read on below to know some makeup tricks to take years off your face and age. Absolutely effective tips to make you look younger!

1. Lay the foundation with a primer

Most women tend to forget “makeup primer”. Always remember this, makeup does not start with a concealer or foundation but with a primer. This is because a primer fill and smooth wrinkles and fine lines, laying the foundation for your makeup.

2. Hide dark circles

To minimize and hide dark circles, you can use a concealer that is a shade lighter than your natural skin tone. This is because darker make things look hidden or recessed and lighter makes things project more.

3. Choose powder wisely

For best results, you should apply lose powder to top the foundation. Loose powder helps to reduce and avoid your face getting oily or shiny.

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If you want to have a youthful appearance, use a translucent powder to avoid caking. Also translucent powders are designed for aging skin because it contain particles that eliminate fine lines.

4. Focus on the eyes

The main focus of a person’s face are the eyes. Avoid intense makeup style the involves using multiple layers of mascara and liquid liners.

Lift your eyes by putting pink brightening pencil or light peach in the inner rim of the eyes and then use gray eye or soft brown eye shadows.

5. Don’t forget your lips

Don’t ignore your lips when applying makeup. It is a fact that lips became thinner as we age.

Stay clear from bright or heavy dark colored lipstick, such as deep reds and the brown ones. These colors can make you really old. Then line your lips with light colored liners. Use a lip gloss to fill in the broken lines or cracks in thinning lips.

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6. Balance is important

As with all aspects in life, we need balance. This goes for makeup as well, balance your signature or favorite looks with just the right amount of makeup for your age. Go for the look that will let your best feature shine no matter what your age is!

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