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Fitness Tips for Well-Endowed Ladies

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Getting fit is an important part of living a healthy lifestyle. Though some of us may struggle with the simple basics of fitness due to some personal struggles. Some people have weak lungs, joint pains and other health related problems that inhibit them from getting fit. Some people have problems with their body that prevents them. An example are women that are well-endowed.

Women that have big breast struggle with the simple basics of exercise and fitness. The size of their breast can at times inhibit their mobility and fitness. Being well-endowed can often give women back pain, chest pain, lung problems, joint pain and so on. The struggle of getting fit for well-endowed women are real. Below are some fitness tips that can help you protect your bust and get you fit.

Give It the Support It Needs

Give your girls the best support it needs, especially when it comes to working out. Working out with bras that don’t support big breast can be uncomfortable and painful. Pick sports bras that can help keep your breast in place without inhibiting your movement. It’s best to find a bra that completely covers the breast and cleavage. When trying out bras perform three tests. First, jump for a few times. Did your breast stay in place? Did you experience pain or discomfort while jumping? Second, Bend over as far as you can. Is your breast popping out of your bra? Is it slipping up when you bend over? Lastly, place two fingers on the band of the bra. Bras tend to stretch out over time, pick a bra that has a strong band and is tight enough to keep everything in place.

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Shelf Bra

For women that especially struggle with pain and discomfort performing high intensity exercises such as jogging, running or dancing, the best way you can give yourself is a shelf bra. There will be times where sports bras are not enough, attaching a shelf bra to it can help regulate movement and prevent your chest from jiggling or popping during high intensity exercises.

Back Pain

One of the biggest complaint when it comes to fitness and being well-endowed is the back pain. This doesn’t really come as a shock since there is a lot concentrated weight on your chest forcing your back to work harder. Picking the right cardio exercise can be difficult. There are some cardio exercises that can agitate your back pain such as jogging and running. You can opt for exercise that don’t strain your back such as swimming, bike riding, speed walking and cycling. Pick ones that require little to no jumping.

Strong Core and Back

The core and back are the most important part of your body that can help you reduce the negative effects of being well-endowed. Since there is some extra weight in your upper torso, it’s important to have a strong core and back to support it. You can strengthen your core by performing planks and back strengthening exercises at least three times a week. This will help limit back and chest pain.

Poor Posture

One of the few noticeable effects of being well-endowed is having poor posture. You can limit this by performing Pilates or yoga every day to help lengthen and strengthen the muscles. The body will also adapt to the postures of yoga and help you get a better posture.

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If you feel too self-conscious at the gym, pick an area that is less crowded. You can opt to walk on the treadmill with incline to get your heart rate up without the risk of people checking you out as you run.

Don’t Be Shy To Ask For Advice

When at the gym don’t be afraid to ask some advice from your trainer or medical professionals. Tell them about your struggles and ask what you can do to fix them. Fitness trainers can give you some advice to help specific problems such as exercises that can help firm the breast or exercises that can help make them smaller. Ask your doctor about fitness tips that can help with your health related problems from having big breast.

You don’t have to sacrifice your fitness when you’re well-endowed. Try out these tips and share with us some of your own! 

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