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Tips for Easing Heavy Periods

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Menorrhagia is the medical term for this condition that is so familiar to anyone not living under a rock that it affects around 20% of the population. It is caused by a number of possibilities and may come with little or no pain or quite a lot of disarming pain. We all know at least that one girl who could not get out of their chair or simply sat out of Physical Ed class with a worried, stern look or a relative with such a condition. Some are simply just genetic but whether you think you are fine or not a checkup once a year will do one good, to be certain of one’s reproductive health.

This can also come from a hormone imbalance which is usually caused by lifestyle choice such as poor dieting choices and a big lack of physical activity. Diet and exercise should come side by side and be taken into the highest consideration alongside your happiness and stress levels. In other words what I am trying to say is that people can always be their best doctor, some more natural at it than others. But research with what healthy foods are best for you, pushing yourself to break your physical limits and wearing a more positive perspective is enough to motivate you to be your own coach. Heavy periods should not bar you from life in general, periods are an inconvenience for sure but minimizing that inconvenience is worth it.

Remember! Go for a checkup if the heavy bleeding is persistent even after a healthy lifestyle, you may be doing or eating something wrong or it could be a malfunction of your hormones or any of your reproductive organs such as an ovarian malfunction, a cyst or polyp that appeared anywhere, endimitriosis or mutations of the cells and over productive cells.

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First off have some physical movement in your life.

As for anything a lot milder than that you are probably just not eating healthy enough and not getting off your bum enough! Our bodies have adapted to bleeding more heavily the less we move around, especially if we eat quite a bit more than our bodies need. The more we move the lighter we bleed and even for those under high physical stress, skip periods.

The more we exercise the higher amount of testosterone we have being produced in our bodies naturally, this is good for us, this is balance and all women need to exercise. Exercise affects women’s period cycles and mood and a lot of us do not fully realize it at first. People need to let off steam and have to exercise the minimum of 20 minutes, ideally excluding breaks, every day. 45 minutes per day is a much more effective goal and that extra 25 minutes compared to your lazy, minimal 20 min workout will really give you more satisfying tone and lightness.

Start off with a good stretching routine and do get all of those nooks and crannies especially going over more stiff and fragile parts like the back, hips and legs that need extra help with flexibility. Stretching from head to toe, then going back to your trouble areas twice or thrice over is a great warm-up to avoid and ease injuries. If you are up to it push for stretching with 1-2 lb. weights if your hands are free to use as fists, this will give you more strength and muscle tone faster. Cardio is like a bad word everyone avoids to hear, well guess what- you need it. If you are gonna do a measely 20 minutes a day for now (I do no mean to offend the sick, injured, old or very cowardly) then you better make at least 10 minutes of that some pretty worth it cardio. Stationary cardio works fine as long as you wear good shoes or have strong feet and a good mat, running is none like no other though and running for 20-25 minutes outside will do crazy transformations to you. Yoga will be wonderful for those who want to lighten up their blood flow and ease or eliminate cramps if they occur. Poses that focus on the belly, butt and hips will feel like slight strain at first and then heaven as it eases your stiffened muscles.

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There are a ton of hot herb tea mixtures to choose from.

When going for natural cures you must prepare the herbs, spices and other crop products as cleanly as possible. If you will not brew them as a tea and put them into food, then little fat to your cooking and not too much salt. Salt makes one retain water, your period already makes you retain some water and be bloated- you must diet cleanly to expel more blood and blood clots a lot easier.

Herbs and spices are just known, safe and aromatic natural medicine sources and you should not be afraid to experiment with them in the kitchen.

A hot chicken soup with tons of herbs in the dish sounds like a great balance of rich taste and health points. But one of the best immediate solutions for soothing strong periods is a hot cup of herb tea. You could go for thyme, better fresh of course (and tastier) boiled into your tea for 10 minutes, same can be done with cinnamon, ginger, coriander, mustard seeds, citrus if your cramps can handle it, honey which is an antibacterial healthy sugar, licorice powder tea and mango bark tea work well too and are more unconventional choices.

But do keep in mind that a lot of food items with tons of medical benefits including to improve on one’s menstrual cycles are in your kitchen pantry. Onions, garlic, leafy greens, oily fish, white fish and chicken all help make up for the nutrients your lost and is light and healthy as well- they make up a good diet for controlling blood flow especially when they are closer to raw.

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The key to your healthiest cycle is a smarter yet more light-hearted lifestyle.

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