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Beat Constipation, Skin Aging, Infections and More With These Plums From Australia

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Australia is home to kangaroos, koalas, Kylie Minogue and Chris Hemsworth. It’s also the birthplace of one of the healthiest fruits on the planet called burdekin plums. If you want to know more about them, continue reading. Share this article to get your family and friends introduced to these Australian gems, too!

No matter if you wish to strengthen your immune system or put an end to your bout of constipation, consider adding some burdekin plums to your diet. Naturally rich in fiber and a handful of vitamins and minerals, their intake on a regular basis can help certain functions of your body to run as smoothly as possible.

Burdekin plums are the fruits of the tree having the same name. Some people refer to it as the tulip plum tree. While native to Australia, this tree can now also be found abundantly in various places in Asia, including Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines. Burdekin plum trees are perfect in tropical areas as they provide a lot of shade.

Going back to burdekin plums themselves, these fruits are shaped just like regular plums that everybody is familiar with. However, burdekin plums may have red, greenish or white flesh. Burdekin plums with red-colored flesh are known to possess a kind of sweet taste, while the rest are popular for their acidity.

What’s so interesting about burdekin plums is they don’t ripen while they are attached to the trees that bear them. When harvested, they are usually stashed in paper bags or any dark and cool place to allow them to ripen. In many cultures, burdekin plums are traditionally buried underground to give them plenty of time to mature.

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Once fully ripe, burdekin plums can be consumed as they are. It’s not unlikely, however, for them to be turned into jams, jellies and preserves. Just like regular plums, they can also be dried.

Let’s now take a look at some of the most impressive health benefits of burdekin plums

1. They Prevent Constipation

Burdekin plums, just like regular plums, have laxative properties. That’s because they contain impressive amounts of fiber. No matter how you prefer to consume burdekin plums — fresh, dried or in juice form — it will surely help put an end to your bout of constipation, or keep it from happening if you are prone to it.

2. They May Lower Colon Cancer Risk

Adding burdekin plums to your diet as often as you can may considerably lower your risk of colon cancer, according to doctors. It’s for the fact that they help remove cancer-causing substances from the GI tract, plus they are also loaded with cancer-fighting antioxidants. Make sure that you consume other antioxidant-rich fruits, too!

3. They Keep Your Vision Sharp

If you are having a hard time seeing clearly at night or in poorly-lit environments, it’s a wonderful idea for you to consume burdekin plums regularly. Experts say that its vitamin A content is very good at improving night blindness. Vitamin A in these types of plums also helps keep various eye diseases (glaucoma, cataracts, etc.) from striking.

4. They Boost Your Resistance

Aside from vitamin A, you can also obtain impressive amounts of vitamin C from burdekin plums. Since it’s a well-known enhancer of the immune system, vitamin C can help lower your risk of having various infections, especially those that affect the upper respiratory tract such as the common cold, cough and flu.

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5. They Slow Down Skin Aging

Vitamin C in burdekin plums is also important for keeping the skin healthy since it promotes healing of wounds and many other types of common skin concerns. Did you know that vitamin C also slows down the aging of skin since it is an antioxidant, and it’s also something necessitated by the body for collagen production?

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