Minimalist Nail Art Designs You’ll Love

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There is no denying that applying nail art on your nails is going to make heads turn what with the amazing designs and colors that you can do to your nails. Unfortunately, doing this all the time can get boring and stressful too especially when you need to come up with new ideas to paint your nails in. But before you lose it altogether, going back to the basics is sometimes a good idea.

If you want to tone down the nail art designs that you are using, why not try minimalist nail art designs? They can bring class to your nails and will be less time consuming too. Wondering which minimalist art designs for you to try? Here are some ideas for you to try out.

Double French Mani. French tip brings elegance and class to your nails for sure but if you don’t want to use it just yet, why not try the double French manicure? You will need to start with the base coat first then, once it is dry, place a tape near the tip of your nails, leaving enough room to do a French tip. Paint the ends of your nails then remove the tape and let the nail polish dry. Choose a contrasting color then paint the edges of your nails with it. Allow the nail polish to dry before finishing with a top coat.

Some Writing. Literature lovers who want to sport their favorite hobby in their nails, can do well to paint two of their nails with some writing . This is relatively easy to do. Start with the base coat then the nail polish of your choice leaving one of your nails in each hand blank. Apply white nail polish on the blank nail then allow to dry. Get a nail sticker that has words in it then apply on your white nails. Allow to set before covering with a top coat.

Triangle Mani Nail Art. Here’s another minimalist design that is subtle but definitely a wowzer. Apply your base coat first then get your black nail polish and paint a triangle near the cuticle bed. You can use a tape to create the pointy ends of your triangle or not, depending on how steady your hands are. Once you are done, cover your nails with top coat to prevent your nail polish from being rubbed off too soon. You can rock this nail art with matching black outfit and you’ll definitely exude sophistication in no time.

Matte Black. You’ll never go wrong with black nail polish when you’re trying to achieve a minimalist look. If you want to give your nails that extra oomph, use matte black for your nails then apply a slightly shimmering black nail polish on the tips. This will give your nails some depth and sparkle that will capture one’s eyes as you gesture with your hands.

Minimalist Classic Mani. Here’s another nail art design that will only take you about ten minutes to complete. Paint your nails with nude nail polish after you apply your base coat then, once the nude polish is dry, draw a line using black nail polish from the tip of your nail all the way to the end of the nail. Leaving it hanging in the middle of your nail is not going to look as good as you expect it to be so keep drawing until you reach the end of the nail. Cover with top coat and you’re done.

Subtle Polka Dots. This nail art design will give your nails that extra shine without taking up too much of your time. Again, pain your nails with a nude color then place an old band aid on top of your nails then dab some glitter polish on the holes. Remove the band aid afterwards and you’ll see tiny polka dots on your nails afterwards.

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