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9 Foods You Should Avoid and How They’re Aging Your Skin

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What you put inside your body is very important because it can also affect your skin. While certain foods and nutrients can give you that healthy radiance and glow, others can produce negative effects causing premature aging, breakouts and puffiness.

Below are 9 foods you should cut out for a more beautiful and clearer complexion.


Expert says that red meat contains high level of carnitine which can harden blood vessel walls, causing premature aging. So switch to veggie burger instead.


Salt especially iodized salt is not good for your skin because it causes your tissue to swell and aggravate acne. This makes you look puffy and unhealthy. So always check your salt and processed food intake.

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Sugar is the most aging food that you consume and it makes your immune system weak. It also speed up the production of wrinkles and makes your skin lackluster due to the damage it caused in your body’s collagen and elastin.

Try to eat fruits instead of consuming too much sugar.


Unhealthy fats from fried foods contain free radicals which can clog pores. Choose instead to include healthy fats in your diet such as avocado and olive oils.


When you eat foods with a high glycemic index your body experiences an increase of glucose and insulin levels. That’s why these foods are linked to acne. Always remember that a body with a low glycemic diet has 50% fewer accounts of acne.

Go for whole grain options as they are high in antioxidants and are anti-inflammatory as well.

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Alcohol severely dehydrates you. This affects your skin because your body metabolizes what little water it gets before it has the chance to reach your skin.

Alcohol can also cause vasodilatation which causes rosacea and make your skin look dull. It doesn’t just damage your mental defenses but also your skin too.


Caffeine also severely dehydrates you as it is a diuretic. This means that it can dry out skin and increases production of cortisol. More cortisol means faster aging process which in turn makes skin thinner.


We all know that processed foods are bad for your health as well as your skin. The further grains are processed and lose their original state, the less they retain their natural nutrients and goodness. Processed foods are often loaded with sugar and sodium. Which we know we don’t need more of!

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Opt for more healthy snacks such as fruits and nuts.


Artificial colors and sweeteners have no nutritional value. They also causes irritation in the body especially if you’re prone to allergies. They are essentially science experiments that you’re putting into your body.

These artificial products often create inflammation and histamine reactions and worse off your body are storing these chemicals in your tissues.

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