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How to Stay Fit and Fab Even When You’re Broke!

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You want to keep fit but you’re wallet simply isn’t allowing you to sign up for gym memberships and fitness camps. There is a solution to this dilemma- do everything on your own. If you’re 100% broke, but still crave a lean and mean body, you can certainly do so by following these smart and savvy workout tips.

1. Invest on the essentials

Kit up! Make sure to get invest on the essential apparel and gear that you need for effective workouts. For both men and women, it is important to purchase a pair of sneakers or trainers that can last you a long time. Purchase a pair of running shoes or trainers that boasts both form and function. There are many online stores that sell shoes up to 70% off. You may also visit outlet stores that sell the latest shoe models at discounted prices. For women, it is crucial that you purchase one or two workout bras that provide both support and comfort.

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2.Look for discounts

If you really have no allotted budget for a monthly gym membership, you may want to look into what your company can offer to its employees. Majority of companies nowadays partner not only with healthcare institutions but also with fitness centers such as gyms and boxing camps as means to promote health and wellness.If you’re lucky, you can get up to 50% on gym memberships if your company luckily has formed partnerships with nearby fitness centers.

3.Request for a cash back

Check with your existing health insurance company if they offer a cash back to its clients who regularly workout. Healthy individuals who exercise regularly are less likely to file claims. Make sure to check to see if your plan offers a reimbursement for clients who are in top shape. There are also employers that provide their employees with a health and fitness allowance, which can significantly reduce your expenditure altogether.

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4. Never forget to shop around

Make sure to look around gyms prior to signing up. A lot of gyms these days offer a one-day or even a one-week trial to prospective clients. Take advantage of this incentive and workout as hard as you can during the trial days. Thoroughly assess each gym, and pick one with the best equipment, best trainers, and that which is closest to your place of residence or work.
A fitness center that is near your home or office will save you more money in the long run.

5. Negotiate

Gyms nowadays are extremely flexible in that they will provide with irresistible offers from time to time. Ask if you can get free personal trainings in exchange for patronizing their fitness center and trainers. If you are a first-time gym member, ask for them to waive the initial membership fee so they can finally close the deal with you.

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6. Check out class passes

Class passes are now becoming popular in the US. These passes are based on the frequency of attendance among its clients. For instance, you may opt to choose a gym that offers unlimited one-month membership over that which only offers a one-week membership. Class pass is also ideal for those who simply wish to try a gym without having to be locked in for six months up to a year.

7. Build your very own gym

If you only have a few minor issues with your fitness regime, you may want to build your own gym instead. Start with simple but very important gym equipment such as kettle bells, 5 to 10 pound weights, an exercise ball, and a jump rope. Most fitness shops sell these items in a package. This allows you to enjoy more savings, than when buying them separately.

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8. Go online for a trainer

Instead of getting a personal trainer and paying him or her on a per session basis, why not look up for training videos on YouTube instead. They are just as good as actual trainers, and can help you achieve your fitness goals nevertheless.

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