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How to Alleviate Aching Feet After Wearing Heels

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Women can’t help but wear heels when they work in the office, go on dates, or even running errands for that matter. There is no doubt that wearing this kind of footwear puts emphasis on your calves, while teaching you how to stand properly in order to keep your balance. And although wearing heels can make you look and feel sexy, it can take a toll on your feet afterwards. How then will you be able to minimize the aches and pains that you are most likely to feel after a long day at work?


Swelling and foot pain can make wearing heels difficult but soaking them in vinegar is recommended as it has the ability to reduce inflammation in your foot to some extent. To use this remedy, fill a large tub with hot water, add about two spoons of white vinegar, a pinch of salt, then soak your feet in it for about twenty minutes.

Treat those blisters

Blisters may form when it is your first time to wear heels. When this happens, you will need to treat them as soon as possible, to help prevent bacteria from forming. Once you have disinfected the wound, you can cover it with band aid. Never pop the blisters as they can only worsen.

Clove oil

Another possible solution to aching feet is using clove oil. This oil can be massaged carefully on your sore foot and leave it alone for a few minutes. What’s nice about this remedy is that it does come with a nice fragrance that will help you feel better in no time.

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Do some stretching

Who would have thought that doing stretching workouts can actually help strengthen our feet? Doing yoga stretches will not only ease the tension in your muscles, but it can also help strengthen your feet.

Ice pack

Swollen muscles in your feet because of wearing heels can be alleviated with the use of ice pack. Apply the ice pack on your tired and aching feet and massage every once in a while. You will find that the pain is starting to dwindle afterwards.

Aching feet while wearing heels may be a price to pay for looking great, but now that you have an idea on what remedies to use, you can start wearing your heels again. Just make sure that you give your feet some time to rest too.


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