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Acne on Your Face is Actually Trying to Say Something About Your Health

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Health authorities say that acne is more than just an inflammatory skin condition — it’s actually the result of something that’s taking place inside the body. And what’s more interesting is it’s possible to figure out which internal issue is causing acne based on where on the face it shows up.

So if you want to deal with acne, don’t just apply topical solutions that you can easily buy at pharmacies because it will only mask the problem and not actually treat it. To put acne to an end once and for all, you need to zoom in on the cause, which is taking place somewhere in your body.

Continue reading if you are certain that you no longer want to be spotted with acne. Below you will come across what acne on your face is telling you about your internal health. Once you have figured out the issue that can be blamed for your recurring bout of acne, you may deal with it by paying your doctor a visit or via some home remedies.

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On the Forehead

Experts say that acne across your forehead usually means that you are not eating healthily, and your body is at present jam-packed with unhealthy chemicals and ingredients from processed and junk foods. What you need to do is carefully monitor what goes into your mouth, making sure that you considerably limit your intake of unhealthy foods.

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At times acne on the forehead is due to lack of sleep. If you are suffering from insomnia due to stress or anxiety, there are lots of home remedies that are proven effective for reducing the levels of those.

Between the Eyebrows

If your acne seems to be concentrated right in between your eyebrows, chances are that your liver is screaming for help. Switch to a diet that’s low in fat. Also, considerably reduce your intake of alcohol. Are you taking lots of medications and supplements? Eliminate those that are not really recommended by your doctor.

Especially if acne between your eyebrows is accompanied by the yellowing of your skin and the whites of your eyes, see to it that you pay a doctor a visit because it’s a sign that something is definitely wrong with your liver.

On the Nose

Based on a study, some people who have heart disease are prone to having acne on their noses. This is most especially true among those who are suffering from hypertension or high blood pressure.

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If you are diagnosed with heart disease, make sure that you carefully follow the treatment plan recommended by your doctor. Usually it is a combination of drugs as well as dietary and lifestyle changes. To fend off heart disease, opt for healthy eating, reduce stress, avoid cigarette smoking, get a good night’s sleep, and exercise regularly.

All Over the Cheeks

It is said that smokers are prone to developing acne because of those poisonous substances that they are pumping into their bodies. Experts say that having acne all over your cheeks and smoking could mean that it’s high time for you to ditch your habit and start thinking more about your lungs.

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Other than acne, cigarette smoking can bring about so many other health concerns that range from lung cancer to heart disease. Needless to say, it’s a smart move for any smoker to quit smoking ASAP.

On the Chin

Everyone knows that hormonal imbalance can cause an assortment of unusual issues. It is believed that having acne on the sides of your chin is an indicator that the levels of your hormones are in shambles. Such can be due to so many different things, from stress, sleeplessness to various endocrine and reproductive health problems.

Acne on the bottom of the chin is said to be associated with stomach issues. It’s not unlikely for the appearance of acne to be accompanied by excess gas, bloating and constipation if such is indeed the case.

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