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Indian Home Remedies for Hair Growth

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Whether your mane is thin or you are unhappy with your short hairstyle, accelerating hair growth is the solution. Worry not because traditional Indian healers got you covered — there are many things that you may try at home to grow your tresses at a much faster rate. Some of the most effective ones can be found below.


Indian gooseberry to some, amla is a fruit that is loaded with vitamin C. It’s for this reason why it is commonly employed for having the immune system strengthened.

However, amla is also a very popular Indian remedy for all sorts of hair-related problems, including limpness, thinness and slowed growth. For accelerating hair growth, you need to get your hands on powdered Amla which is available at most Asian grocers or herbal stores. It is then mixed with lime juice before applying on the scalp.

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Coconut Milk

A very popular cooking ingredient in India and various other parts of Asia, coconut milk can also be used for promoting hair growth. It’s exactly for this reason why so many shampoos out there that are formulated for slow-growing hair contain coconut milk.

Traditional Indian healers say that coconut oil should be warmed before having it massaged on the scalp. Some say that it works best if mixed with finely ground black pepper which has circulation-boosting properties.

Jojoba Oil

Popular for massage purposes and for dealing with excessive skin dryness, too, jojoba oil may also be employed as a hair grower. In India, males and females alike rely on it to fend off hair thinning and baldness.

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It’s a good idea for jojoba oil to be slightly heated prior to using, just like coconut milk. It’s recommended to apply it not only on the scalp, but also on your hair from roots to tips. That’s because it is very good at strengthening hair strands, keeping them from breaking and causing your mane to appear thinner.

Aloe Vera

If you have some aloe vera plants in your garden, it only means that thin or limp hair should be the least of your worries. That’s because the gel found in every aloe vera leaf is known to stimulate hair growth.

Harvest the gel in 2 to 3 pieces of aloe vera leaf. Apply on the scalp and leave it there for an hour before rinsing. By the way, aloe vera gel is also an excellent home remedy for excessive scalp dryness. It’s also a well-known solution for dandruff, be it the kind that’s due to scalp irritation or a fungal infection.

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Do not worry because methi is actually more common than you think. A lot of people across the globe refer to it as fenugreek. To use methi for the attainment of thicker and longer hair in no time, you need to visit the local Asian grocer or herbal store to purchase it in powdered form.

Powdered methi is then turned into a paste by adding a few drops of water to it. The resulting paste should be used just like a regular hair or scalp mask before getting your mane shampooed.

Plain Yogurt

Believe it or not, the very snack that you count on for making your gut healthier can also be used for battling hair thinning. Something as easy as applying plain yogurt on your scalp about half an hour before you hit the shower can impress. While waiting for 30 minutes to pass, snack on the remainder for your dose of probiotics.

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Some people swear that plain yogurt works even better if it’s combined with honey and lemon.

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