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Spaghetti Squash: Know the Beauty Benefits This Unique Vegetable Offers

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No, it’s not spaghetti whose sauce is out of squash. It’s a squash whose flesh looks like spaghetti! So if you are already intrigued, continue reading. This article will get you acquainted with it, most especially with the numerous amazing benefits that this truly unique vegetable brings!

Spaghetti squash is indeed a member of the squash family, but it is undeniably one of the most interesting of the bunch. When cooked, you can fluff its flesh with a fork and end up with spaghetti-like strands — that’s pretty much explains why it is called spaghetti squash.

However, its flesh does not only look like spaghetti, but can also actually be consumed as spaghetti! All you have to do is slather it with your favorite type of spaghetti sauce and you have an incredibly delicious pasta treat in front of you, not to mention super nutritious, too.

But there are so many other ways that you may prepare or serve spaghetti squash. For instance, you can still turn it into soup just like any other type of squash out there. You can have it baked, too! Spaghetti squash is still pretty much a squash, although it surely looks amazing!

So now that you know why spaghetti squash is called as such and how you can have it introduced to your diet, it’s time for us to get to know its benefits:

Healthy Eyes

Just like the kind of squash you are more familiar with, spaghetti squash is also rich in vitamin A — its bright orange color is a crystal-clear proof to that! If you wish to ward off eye diseases, many of which can rob you of your 20/20 vision, consider adding spaghetti squash to your diet as regularly as you can.

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Strong Immune System

It’s not just vitamin A that spaghetti squash is rich in, but also vitamin C. This is the reason why consuming this type of squash with a very interesting appearance can help lower your risk of having infections — vitamin C is a nutrient so vital for having the immune system strengthened.

Beautiful Skin

Vitamin C present in spaghetti squash is also important for keeping the skin healthy because it promotes faster healing of wounds. In addition, it also helps keep the skin looking young because it is actually an antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals, and it’s necessitated for the production of skin-firming collagen, too!

Reduced Inflammation

Spaghetti squash contains healthy fat, which is capable of controlling inflammation that happens within the body. It’s for this reason why the regular intake of spaghetti squash may help lower a person’s risk of having all sorts of problems that are linked to inflammation, like heart disease and cancer.

Weight Control

Making spaghetti squash a diet staple is a wonderful idea for those who are trying to get rid of excess pounds or maintain their ideal weight. Unlike actual spaghetti, this vegetable is low in calorie and carbohydrate content. Since it’s also rich in fiber, it spaghetti squash feels heavy on the stomach — it can keep cravings at bay!

Regulated Bowel Movement

Because it contains impressive amounts of fiber, spaghetti squash can help in preventing constipation from striking. It is also said by doctors that a diet that’s high in fiber may also help ward off colon cancer. So if you want to keep your gut free of the big C, regularly enjoy foods containing spaghetti squash.

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