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Breast Sagging Facts and Home Remedies

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Breast sagging, also known as ptosis, is part of aging. It involves drooping of a woman’s breast and it is attached to a number of factors.



According to Med India, the causes of breast sagging include cigarette smoking. As per the publication, it breaks down the skin’s elastin, which plays a role in the skin’s elasticity. When this happens, sagging of breast will be the result. Another cause is pregnancy and the effects are more noticeable following several pregnancies. Since gravity has an effect on the breasts, weight gain and weight loss of over 50 pounds are key factors in breast sagging. A non-modifiable cause is heredity, since it is attached on a person’s level of skin elasticity.

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In terms of who usually experiences breast sagging, post-menopausal women have higher rates of having breast ptosis, since skin elasticity decreases with age. While a number of women and medical professionals agree that breastfeeding heightens the chances of breast ptosis, it is also agreed that the breast provides inadequate support and wearing a bra to prevent ptosis has not yet been proven as true.


Signs and Symptoms

Breast sagging has the following symptoms. According to Med India, the breasts may result to decreased fullness and size, due to the loss of fatty tissue on the breast. Initially, the woman may notice a change of the areolar location, usually towards the lower part of the breast. The sagging also presents reduced skin elasticity, as the connective tissue and ligaments in the breasts need oxygen to preserve its elasticity.

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Home Remedies

While medical treatment is available for breast sagging, home remedies can also be done to resolve the condition.


Replacing Old Bras with Supportive Ones

One remedy to counter breast sagging is replacing the old bras. According to Glam Check, the person may replace her old bra, since it has been stretched with time. As a result, the cups and the band size of the bra are also stretched, not to mention time plus the weight of the breast. In addition, the material of the bra is also weakened due to washing and drying out in heated drier. To preserve the integrity of the bra, they can be hand-washed in cold water.

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As an alternative, the person can also use supportive bras. As per the publication, these bras fit the breasts properly, keeping the in place all day. However, it is a good practice to select a bra, in which the nipple can rest between the elbow and the shoulder. Should the breasts sag lower, the person just has to refit them with a better supportive bra, as this allows the breasts to maintain their shape.



Eggs can also be used s remedies for sagging breasts. They assist in re-firming of the breasts skin. As per Top 10 Home Remedies, egg whites have astringent properties, along with hydro lipids that aid lift the loose skin around the breasts. On the other hand, the egg yolk can be mixed with cucumber, which has natural skin-toning properties that complement the proteins and vitamins found in egg yolk. According to the publication, a small cucumber is pureed in a blender. Next, one egg yolk and a teaspoon of butter or cream are mixed to form a paste. Then, the paste is applied to the breasts and is left on for about 30 minutes. Finally, it is washed off with cold water. The cucumber-egg mask is used once a week to make the breast tissues firmer and stronger.

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Breast sagging is not as severe as angina or chest pain; however, it may still cause discomfort to a person. Thus, medical consult and home remedies can be done for proper assessment, planning, and implementation of interventions.

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