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Asian Remedies to Minimizing Lines and Wrinkles

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Aging is inevitable which means that sooner or later we will see lines and wrinkles forming on our skin. But there are some who experience premature signs of aging even while they are young. This can actually make you look older than your years which can be frustrating to be sure. You’ve probably taken advantage of creams and serums that can make your skin look softer, plumper, and more beautiful but why spend a lot when you can make use of Asian remedies instead? Here are a few options to consider when you want to minimize wrinkles and lines on your face.

Aloe vera

One of the best remedies that you can make use of when getting rid of lines and wrinkles is aloe vera. The gel of the plant is known for its healing properties hence it is often used in treating wounds as well as various skin problems like eczema, rashes, acne breakouts and the like. Another plus to using aloe vera is that it has moisturizing properties that can actually stimulate skin cells so new ones will form. This will reduce signs of aging on your skin significantly.


Herbs, like comfrey, can actually be used to support newer and healthier skin cells. It has important nutrients like carotene and allantoin which are known for their abilities to strengthen one’s skin. You can make a solution starting with steeping the herb in hot water for a few minutes then mixing it with equal parts of witch hazel. You should then add about 10 drops of patchouli essential oil. Soak some cotton balls in the mixture then apply on the wrinkled skin.

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Chinese ginseng

Another possible remedy that you can take advantage of is Chinese ginseng. One reason behind this is that it is one of the best sources of antioxidants that can actually protect your skin against possible damages caused by free radicals. It protects the skin against the harsh rays of the sun as well as various toxins from the environment. Another reason why you should ginseng as part of your skin care routine is that it can actually prevent water loss from happening on your skin. This prevents dryness which can lead to wrinkles and lines.


Try chamomile too if you are looking for natural remedies to keep signs of aging at bay. This is because chamomile contains antioxidants that are known to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles on your skin. You should prepare an infusion of chamomile then soak a cotton pad or ball in it before applying on the damaged area. Leave it on for about 20 minutes then remove afterwards. You should do this every day and before going to bed to nourish your skin.


It appears that marigold is also good for keeping your skin healthy and young because it has the ability to increase collagen production for smoother and healthier skin. This is why marigold is commonly used in many face masks because it can protect the skin against signs of aging. Start by grinding the petals of the flower then add a tablespoon each of milk and honey. Apply the mixture on your face and leave it in for 20 minutes. Wash it off afterwards.

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